CommandTools 1.2.1

Add or edit NBT tags on items, set custom names and lores or add commands on items.

  1. Masstrix
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    CommandTools lets you set the display name of an item, add up to 300 lines in the lore, hide nbt attributes and set a command that will be run when you interact with something while holding the item.

    NOTICE - I'm currently no longer developing plugins, this means this projected is unmaintained and could potentially have issues in future game versions. This project is open source and available for any developer to continue it, if you wish to continue the project under this page PM me and it can be organized.

    /ct help - Display a help message with all these commands in it.
    /ct hide attributes - Hide all nbt attributes on the item.
    /ct show attributes - Show all nbt attributes on the item.
    /ct set name <name> - Set the item's display name.
    /ct lore add:remove:set:clear [line] <text> - Add remove or set a line in the items lore, or clear the lore in total.
    /ct clear - Reset the item back to be the original material (the same as you find in the creative menu).
    /ct command RIGHT_CLICK:LEFT_CLICK <command> - Set the command that the item will execute when you interact with the item. This will not run if the plugin is uninstalled later.
    /ct command remove RIGHT_CLICK:LEFT_CLICK - Remove the command that is applied to the item.
    /ct console t:f - Set if commands are run through the console (/ct console t:f), You can use %name% in place of where the players name should be if running a command such as teleport.

    There is only 1 permission for this plugin to keep it lightweight and easy to use.
    commandtools.use - Gives permission to use CommandTools.

    We have an Event for listening to when a user uses a custom item or you can make your own! You can find the source and more information on the GitHub page for this plugin.
    Code (Text):

        public void on(CommandToolsItemUseEvent event) {
    Code (Text):

        public ItemStack make() {
            CommandItem item = new CommandItem(Material.WOOD);
            item.setLoreLine(10, "This is the 10th line");


    Found a bug or want to request a feature? Just leave a comment and I'll exterminate the bugs and add more features later on if you want more content from this.

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    Well, yet another amazing update by Astro. Cannot wait to see your future work! I bet it will amazing.
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    Version: 1.1
    I use this on my test server, it is amazing. I just never got to reviewing it. He is an amazing artist, developer, and just general human.
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    Version: 1.0
    Awesome plugin! Very helpful :) The range of commands makes it very easy to setup, and proved very helpful in the server I made! keep it up!