CommandWhitelist 1.1.0

Control over command executing and tab-completing

  1. Japflap
    Do you want to stop players from peeking into your plugin list? Do you want to stop players from using certain commands without assigning permissions? Then this is the plugin for you!

    A whitelist for commands does exactly what it sounds like it does. This plugin prohibits use of any command that is not on the configurable whitelist, unless the user has permissions to use that command.

    If ProtocolLib is installed on the server CommandWhitelist will also block out non-whitelisted commands from tab-completion. This means if a user types "/" and then presses tab, they will see (and be able to tab-complete) only the commands they can use!

    In the configuration you can specify the message the player gets to see if they use a command that is not whitelisted. The whitelist for commands is in the configuration as well. The configuration can be reloaded by using /cw reload (permission commandwhitelist.reload needed). A new configuration can be generated by deleting your current file, then reloading the plugin.

    • commandwhitelist.reload - Players with this permission can use the command /cw reload to reload the configuration.
    • commandwhitelist.override - Players with this permission can use any command.
    • commandwhitelist.override.<command-name> - Players with this permission can use specified command (for instace, players with the permission commandwhitelist.override.list can use the command /list).

    CommandWhitelist is tested and works on Spigot 1.8.
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    Version: 1.1.0
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    Seems like an awesome plugin. The one question though that I have is, in the config, can you put commands without spaces in them to whitelist?
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    Very Very Nice Pugin!
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