CommonCore 1.7

Common core commands for a minecraft server

  1. ZombahKiller
    ItsJames, Founder
    This plugin is just a simple plugin that implements a few things to your minecraft server.

    ClearChat (cc) - This command clears your servers chat for all non-op players.
    MuteChat (mc) - This command mutes the servers chat. Only op players can talk.
    Ban - This command denies access to your minecraft server.
    Kick - Kick player from your server.
    Vanish - Vanishes your player.
    Gmc - Puts you in gamemode creative.
    Gms - Puts you in gamemode survival.

    Permission Nodes
    Clearchat - common.clearchat
    MuteChat - common.mutechat
    Ban - common.ban
    Kick - common.kick
    Vanish - common.vanish
    Gmc - common.gamemode
    Gms - common.gamemode

    This plugin was a quickly coded plugin. If there are any errors please leave a comment and I will surely fix. Please enjoy the plugin :)

    If a video is made please link me.
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Recent Reviews

  1. SuperSniper
    Version: 1.7
    Nice plugin, but theres something you missed.
    Permission nodes.

    I checked code and you have them, you just forgot to add them to the plugin page, please add them :)
    1. ZombahKiller
      Author's Response
      Thanks for telling me! I will add in a few minutes :)