Compass Navigator Version 1.6.0

Player Navigation at its finest!

  1. John55223
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Description: Players are able to add and save locations to their compass. Right-clicking their compass will bring up a menu allowing them to view all of their locations, and select a target location. By clicking on an option, the compass will automatically target that location.

    (/addloc)/addlocation <name> --Saves a location at your location.
    (/addloc)/addlocation <name> <x> <y> <z> -- Saves a location at provided location.
    /adminlocation <playername> <locationname> <worldname> <x> <y> <z> -- add a location to another player's compass
    (/delloc)/dellocation <name> --Removes any locations with this name
    (/showloc)/showlocations <player name> -- lists all locations belonging to the player

    All permission nodes are fully configurable in the configuration provided.

    Install Instructions:
    1. Place plugin in your plugins folder
    2. Run plugin and configure permission nodes
    3. Ensure player goups have wanted permission nodes
    4. Restart the plugin

    How to use:
    /addlocation <name> to save a location at your position. Right click with a compass in your hand. Click on the location you wish your compass to target in the inventory menu that will pop up.

    If you enjoy using this plugin and would like to support me, you can freely donate to me here:

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  2. Update 4/30/15
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Recent Reviews

  1. M4rtyn4
    Version: Version 1.6.0
    Love It!
  2. Tophop
    Version: Version 1.6.0
    Nice, adds a element Minecraft developers should've added the whole time! If I really wanted to use it the way Minecraft wanted us to, I'd just press F5 and check my position, making it ultimately useless. Nice way to turn something pointless into something purposeful. 1.12?
  3. Megaro
    Version: Version 1.6.0
    reneschneider, das liegt NICHT an diesem Plugin sondern ist eine Funktion von WorldEdit (Permissions: worldedit.navigation.thru; worldedit.navigation.jumpto). Etwas vorsichtiger mit vorschnellen Aussagen. Vor allem wenn man keine Ahnung hat...
  4. reneschneider
    Version: Version 1.6.0
    Das Plugin spuckt ├╝bel rum kann wen man rechts irgendwo drauf klickt buggt man irgendwo im Untergrunf fest.
  5. rs2klee
    Version: Version 1.5.0
    nice plugin thanks, as said should have been part it mc from the start but I suppose they didn't want to make it too easy, at least its not like a warp to compass and users still have to find their way... really like it thanks again keep up the good work. running on spigot 1.8.8 build 570 no problems
  6. Cldfire
    Version: Version 1.5.0
    Still using, and loving, this ingenious little plugin.
  7. fastlockel
    Version: Version 1.5.0
    Thanks for addAdminlocation for quests
  8. xxlio109
    Version: Version 1.5.0
    good plugin
  9. SmallSansSerif
    Version: Version 1.4
    Great idea to make the compass way more useful! I hope this can be developed even more as it's a nice tool to use for quests.
  10. Tenuki
    Version: Version 1.4
    Makes compasses finally functional. Great example how a simple game mechanic can entirely change your gameplay. Favorite plugin on my mostly vanilla survival server. Doesn't disturb the fun of vanilla survival, just adds something that should have been there all along - in RL you can do mountaineering to navigate around, this simulates that experience.