Compass Navigator Version 1.6.0

Player Navigation at its finest!

  1. Update 4/30/15

    Notes: I haven't had as much time as I would like to work on this and updated it. I have been very ill the last few days and have pushed this update out just before doing some homework, so bear with me. I will be cleaning up a lot of code next week, and improving the way the plugin works in general.

    Change Log:
    - Fixed console errors when right clicking the air with the compass.
    - Added /adminlocation command to allow server owners to use this plugin for quests.
    - Fixed bug with command aliases.

    Update 1.5.1:
    The next update will contain:
    - Changes to the formatting of input and output from the plugin.
    - Additional variations of many commands to make it more user friendly
    - Fix incompatibilities with many other plugins by checking for compass name to ensure it isn't a tool for hub servers.
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