Compass Navigator Version 1.6.0

Player Navigation at its finest!

  1. The mighty update

    Updated to latest spigot version. There were a lot of great suggestions in this thread and I am now working on a new version of CompassNavigator with a better UI and more features.
  2. Update 4/30/15

    Notes: I haven't had as much time as I would like to work on this and updated it. I have been very ill the last few days and have pushed this update out just before doing some homework, so bear with me. I will be cleaning up a lot of code next week, and improving the way the plugin works in general.

    Change Log:
    - Fixed console errors when right clicking the air with the compass.
    - Added /adminlocation command to allow server owners to use this plugin for quests.
    - Fixed...
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  3. Small changes

    CompassNavigator no longer triggers on the blocks below. If you would like any blocks added or removed, please post in the discussion, and I will get back to you. I will be implementing a system in the next update for server owners to be capable of self editing the blocks that are included.

    Code (Text):

  4. Quick Fix

    John55223 was using incorrect import for ChatColor, which lead to errors on servers running Bukkit.
  5. Hotfix

    • Fixed minor bugs
    • Fixed console error messages when clicking on an empty spot.
  6. Alias updates

    Aliases have been updated.
    /showlocations = /showloc
    /addlocation = /addloc
    /dellocation = /delloc
  7. Small bug Fixes

    • Fixed error popping up in console if user didn't have any locations.
    • Added name of location to the "Compass now points to..." message.
    • World Spawn is always displayed in the very last slot of the inventory menu, allows user to select as option.
    Thanks for using CompassNavigator. Please give me feedback on what you would like added/removed/fixed. Happy Traveling!