Compass Tracker 2.0

Track near Players

  1. justLeo
    Rightclick your Compass to Track the nearest Player around you (simple i know)

Recent Updates

  1. Kit Update - 4 new Kits
  2. just a new Kit
  3. new Config Option

Recent Reviews

  1. inbar_shelef
    Version: 2.0
    very simple. maybe even too simple
    cant work on only specific worlds
    cant change search area
    spams the console
    cant even find a config file.
  2. GodzillaLord2014
    Version: 1.8 Beta
    i love this plugin but can you pls make a Godzilla kit that would be amazing
    1. justLeo
      Author's Response
      ok will add the kit very soon in the 1.9 version of this plugin (in the next 5 days) :)
  3. GamerDuck123
    Version: 1.8 Beta
    Great Plugin BUTTT all the kits for me are just wooden swords with unbreaking 10 and soup.....
    Am i doing something wrong xD
    1. justLeo
      Author's Response
      sry for late reply. now in 1.9 you can add armor and diamond sword with the config
  4. CodingWhayz
    Version: 1.8 Beta
    Quickly tested it on my 1.8 Server its quiet good & cool but it will be better if it will be > 1.7 because so many friends are playing with this version ;/
    1. justLeo
      Author's Response
      hmm? its runnin' on my 1.7 server to. don't really know why its not on yours.