CompassTracker 1.2

This is a simple plugin for tracking players with a compass.

  1. Tommischiri
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    /addhunter - adds a player to hunter's group (A tracking compass will be given to every person in hunter's group on their respawn)

    /removehunter - removes a player from hunter's group

    /hunt <player> - Sets the destination of the tracking compass (the compass given at the player's respawn will directly track a specific player)

    /toggleworldmessages - Shows a message when a player changes dimension (default = false)

    /togglenearestmode - Toggles nearest mode (Hunters' compasses will istantly point to the nearest non-hunter player; /hunt command won't work when this mode is enabled; default = false)

    compasstracker.addhunter - /addhunter
    compasstracker.removehunter - /removehunter
    compasstracker.hunt - /hunt
    compasstracker.togglemessages - /toggleworldmessages
    compasstracker.togglenearestmode - /togglenearestmode