Complete Softmute (vanilla version) 2.0.1

Extend GriefPrevention's softmute feature to vanilla's /me and /tell commands

  1. RoboMWM
    Alright, I finally took the time to create and publish a plugin that's useful.

    This plugin requires and uses GriefPrevention.

    Note: If you use GriefPrevention version 13.3 or later, be sure to that the "IsIgnoringYou" message in messages.yml is empty, e.g.
    Code (Text):
      Text: ''
    (Those are two single quotation marks, not one double quotation mark.)

    This plugin hooks into GriefPrevention and extends its softmute feature to "work" for the vanilla versions of the /tell and /me commands.

    How GriefPrevention's softmute feature works:
    However, this feature is limited to chat messages. Private messages (/tell) or action messages (/me) are simply cancelled. Instead of just cancelling such commands, this plugin "emulates" the softmute feature for /tell and /me by making these commands appear to work for softmuted/ignored players:
    • Whispers (/tell): If a player is softmuted, it will appear that they can still send private messages to other (non-softmuted) players. However, normal players will not receive whispers from softmuted players.
      • Uses WhisperSlashCommands listed in GriefPrevention's config.yml
      • v1.1.0: Will also softmute whispers for receivers who have /ignored the sender.
    • Action messages (/me): Only the softmuted player will see their /me message.
    ]I plan to keep this version of the plugin solely for vanilla's features, and keep it configless. I will be working on a version with a config file so you can adjust how the message is displayed in-game along with player prefixes (and allow other softmuted players to see softmuted /me messages) whenever I figure out how to do config files.

    Source code
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