Complete Softmute (vanilla version) 2.0.1

Extend GriefPrevention's softmute feature to vanilla's /me and /tell commands

  1. No functional changes, minute optimization

    Decided to upload this since I might've uploaded an incorrect version last time. Either that, or I uploaded a version where I forgot to change the version number in plugin.yml
  2. 2.0: Updated to changes in GriefPrevention 13.1

  3. 1.2: Bug fixes

    - Fixed a "compatibility" check (incorrect case for a plugin name)
    - Added compatibility for BlockSyntax (and other potential anti-spam plugins)
    - Slight refactor of the event "uncanceller" (some cleanup, readability)
  4. 1.1.1: Slight Optimizations

    Slightly optimized the commandpreprocess event handler to only create and set variables only when necessary.
  5. /ignored messages are softmuted

    • Added softmute functionality to /ignored whispers
      • If recipient has /ignored the sender, the sender gets a "softmute" message.
      • If sender has ignored recipient, the sender is told that they need to /unignore the player first before sending a whisper.
    • Code refactoring
    • Potential compatibility with plugins that block /plugin:command syntax. If this does not appear to be the case, let me know what plugin it is!
      • BlockSyntax needs to change its event...