Complete Vanish 2020-05-13

Admin, Vanish

  1. Wintergrasped
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Complete Vanish hides you from all online players and sends a fake leave message to everyone one on the server. This makes it look like you left the server as your name is no longer on the Player List and it says you left the game and you are no longer visible to any players. Extremely light and extremely Effective.

    /cv - Vanishes you and says you left the game
    /ucv - Unvanish and says you joined the game

Recent Reviews

  1. Morph17
    Version: 2020-05-13
    Works great! Just as intended. Great if you don't want to download essentials but still need vanish for viewing suspicious activity
  2. GoDragonGoGoYT
    Version: 2020-05-13
    already many plugins to do this and dosent work at alllllllllllll so just delete thisd
    1. Wintergrasped
      Author's Response
      If you could please detail the problem you are having I would be more then happy to fix it. We use this on our server and it works as intended like the Old Essentials vanish did. You do not appear invisible to yourself however you are invisible to other players and not Displayed as in the game.