CompletePermissions 1.2

CompletePermissions is a plugin developed to make dealing with permissions easier and faster

  1. LielAmar
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
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    CompletePermissions is a permissions plugin developed to make dealing with permissions easier and faster.

    BungeeCompletePermissionsBridge is a bungeecord plugin used to link CompletePermissions with spigot & bungeecord.
    Basically, you'd be able to add bungeecord permissions such as "bungeecord.command.server" to a certain group and it'll load it.

    Groups & Players support is simple and easy.
    Setting a group prefix & suffix, yet allowing personal prefix & suffix
    Per group & player permissions
    Group parents & multiple groups for a player support
    Triple Name Set for players - display name in chat, tab & above-head
    MySQL support
    Nick players
    • Super low weight

    /CompletePermissions - Full control over the plugin
    - Aliases: /CP
    • /Nick - Access to the /nick command

    cp.chatcolor - Access to chat colors (&[a-f/0-9])
    • cp.commands.cp.* - Access to every sub command of /cp
    • cp.commands.cp - Access to /cp
    • cp.commands.cp.config - Access to the config subcommands
    • cp.commands.cp.permissions - Access to the permissions subcommands
    • cp.commands.cp.groups - Access to /cp groups
    • - Access to /cp group <group>
    • - Access to /cp group <group> create
    • - Access to /cp group <group> delete
    • - Access to /cp group <group> add <permission>
    • - Access to /cp group <group> remove <permission>
    • - Access to /cp group <group> prefix <prefix>
    • - Access to /cp group <group> suffix <suffix>
    • - Access to /cp group <group> parents add <group>
    • - Access to /cp group <group> parents remove <group>
    • cp.commands.cp.player - Access to /cp player <player>
    • cp.commands.cp.player.add - Access to /cp player <player> add <permission>
    • cp.commands.cp.player.remove - Access to /cp player <player> remove <permission>
    • cp.commands.cp.player.prefix - Access to /cp player <player> prefix <prefix>
    • cp.commands.cp.player.suffix - Access to /cp player <player> suffix <suffix>
    • - Access to /cp player <player> group add <group>
    • - Access to /cp player <player> group remove <group>
    • - Access to /cp player <player> group set <group>
    • cp.commands.nick.* - Access to all of /nick features
    • cp.commands.nick - Access to /nick
    • cp.commands.nick.angroup - Access to bypass the groups limitations and nick as any existed group

    Adding Custom Tab support
    Adding Tab Sorting System
    Adding Debug mode
    Adding SQLite support
    Adding plugins management through CompletePerms
    Re-making the Messages System to allow more customization




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Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fixes & 1.16 support
  2. GameProfileFetch fix
  3. 1.15.2 support