Compressed Cobblestone 0.3.4

Compress cobblestone into denser, more valuable blocks

  1. Ukrainian_Reaper
    Compressed Cobblestone
    The CompressedCobblestone plugin allows players in-game to compress cobblestone into more "denser", valuable blocks. Players need to simply fill the crafting grid with normal cobblestone blocks to receive one "Compressed Andesite" . The new block obtained from this can be further condensed with the same process. The process can be likewise reverted by placing a condensed block into the bottom-right square of the crafting grid to break it apart.

    Current Condensement Tiers:
    9 Cobblestone = 1 Compressed Andesite
    9 Compressed Andesite = 1 Compressed Stone
    9 Compressed Stone = 1 Compressed Obsidian
    9 Compressed Obsidian = 1 Compressed Quarts

    All block can be un-compressed by simply placing it into the bottom-right square of the crafting grid.

    When a compressed block is placed and then mined, it loses its compression status.
    There are currently no permissions or commands as this is a passive plugin. If requested I can add these in later updates!

    Future Plans:
    I plan to add sub-compressions to each tier, giving crafting recipies to blocks such as Prismarine and other 1.8 blocks simply by compressing cobblestone.
    Better Block = More cobblestone required to craft.
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Recent Reviews

  1. CaptainEnderDude
    Version: 0.1
    Awesome idea, works perfectly. Can't wait for future updates.