CondensedOres 1.0

Random chance that ores drop double!

  1. Miles
    Condensed Ores

    Configurable chance that an ore will drop double when it is mined!

    How it works
    When players mine ores, there is a random chance that when they break the ore, it will be a 'condensed ore' and drop double.

    For players to get double drops, they must have the condensedores.get permission.

    In the configuration, you define the likelyhood that each ore is a 'condensed ore.' The 'likelyhood' field in the config is set to the denominator of the likelyhood, where 1 is the numerator. I.e., the chance is defined like so: 1/x, where x is what you set in the config.​

Recent Reviews

  1. ItsArslann
    Version: 1.0
    Good job, you can add sounds , effects and editable item drops in the config file?

    (Rated: 5 Stars)
    1. Miles
      Author's Response
      Currently the only configurable option is the likelyhood of a double drop. The drops cannot be configurable, what the plugin does is simply double the natural drop. I will add configurable sounds and effects in the config.