Conditional GUI | Make your own conditionals GUI! [HEAD-SUPPORT] [1.13.x - 1.17.x] 0.5.1

Make your own conditionals gui to execute multiple commands!

  1. ZeTioZ
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
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    Languages Supported:
    Any (Translatable)
    What is "Conditional GUI"
    Conditional GUI is a plugin that make possible to make your own conditional gui to allow people to open a gui from a command and execute different server commands if they match the condition you set up.

    • Multiple command support
    • Unlimited number of GUI
    • Money and rank condition support
    • SuperiorSkyBlock and SuperiorSkyBlock2 support (beta)
    • McMMO Levels support
    • UP/DOWN/EQUALS keywords to conditions
    • Custom heads on GUI support
    • Fully customisable GUI
    • Fully customisable with configs and messages files
    How to install
    • Download the latest version of the plugin
    • Place the downloaded .jar file in your server plugin folder
    • Start your server
    • Enjoy!
    • /conditionalgui » Open the GUI
    • /conditionalgui open » Open the GUI
    • /conditionalgui help » Display the help page
    • /conditionalgui reload » Reload the plugin
    Messages and Configs Files
    Code (YAML):
    prefix: "&8[&aConditional GUI&8] "
     - "&d/conditionalgui &c» &2Open the rank-up GUI"
      - "&d/conditionalgui open &c» &2Open the rank-up GUI"
      - "&d/conditionalgui help &c» &2Display the help page"
      - "&d/conditionalgui reload &c» &2Reload the plugin"

    : "&aUpgradable!"
    : "&cNot upgradable!"
    : "&2Already owned!"

     - "&aPlugin reloaded!"

       - "&cYou already own it and it's not reclaimable!"
       - "&cSorry, but you don't meet the conditions to claim this!"
       - "&cSorry, but no ranks upgrades are available yet!"
       - "&cSorry, but you don't have enough permission to do that!"
       - "&cSorry, but you must be a player in order to do that!"
       - "An error occurred. The icon \"{icon}\" isn't a valid material !"
        - "Please, change it to a valid material from"
    Code (YAML):
    : " "

    # Little trick: Since you have to type "/cdg open <gui name>" to open a gui, you can add an alias into your commands.yml in your server root folder.
    # It should looks like this (you need to restart the server to make the alias effective).
    # aliases:
    #   mysuperguialias:
    #     - cdg open guiname

    : # This will be used to open the GUI (/cdg open gui1). It's case sensitive. NB: The name "gui" is reserved to the border config. It will not be recognized as a gui.
    : "&2Super GUI" # Title of this single GUI
    : # This will server as the display name in the GUI
    : "&2" # Change the display name color in the GUI
    : PLAYER_HEAD # Change the display icon in the GUI. Please, add "head-texture" option to get a custom head.
    : "ZeTioZ" # Head texture either in Base64 or directly the player's nickname. You can find the Base64 on on the very bottom of the page copy the "Value" field.
    : "The rank" # The name is NOT the display name in the GUI
    : # Change the lore of the displayed item in the GUI. If you don't want a lore, delete and place [] instead.
            - "Rank
    : {rank}"
            - "
    Conditions to upgrade:"
            - "
       - 1000$"
            - "
       - 5 Mined blocks in total"
            - "
       - 15 Mined Diamond Ores"
            - "
       - 500XP"
            - "
            - "
    Upgradable: {upgradable}"
          rankup-message: # Message sent to the player once he rankup. If you don't want a rankup message, delete and place [] instead.
            - "
    Good job {player}!"
            - "
    You reach the rank \"{rank}\"!"
          recaimable: true # It define if whether or not the upgrade is reclaimable
          conditions: # Conditions to upgrade (Refer to the plugin's page to know which conditions are available)
            money: 1000
            mined_total: 5
            # To add a block to watch on the block list, just add a new line with the following syntax: - "
            # Materials can be found at the following link
                - "
            xp: 500
          commands: # Commands that are sent as console once the player get the upgrade. If you don't want any command, delete and place [] instead.
            - "
    eco take {player} 1000"
            - "
    xp take {player} 500"

    Code (Text):
    KILL » Condition based on the kills the player did
    MONEY » Condition based on the player's money
    XP » Condition based on the player's xp
    MINED_BLOCKS » Condition based on player's individual block break amount. Check the "config.yml" sample to see how to use it.
    MINED_TOTAL » Condition based on player's total mined block amount
    RANK_NEEDED » Condition based on rank already owned by the player
    PERMISSION_NEEDED » Condition based on a list of permission that the player must have
    MCMMO_LEVEL » Condition based on player's overall McMMO Levels
    ISLAND_LEVEL » Condition based on player's island level
    ISLAND_GENERATOR » Condition based on player's island generator
    ISLAND_SIZE » Condition based on player's island size
    NO_CONDITION » This condition will ignore any other condition

    Each numeral condition (with number to compare) can be prefixed by "UP_\DOWN_\EQUALS_"
    (Feel free to ask for new conditions)


    • conditionalgui.reload (/conditionalgui reload)
    Servers using this plugin
    (if you want your server listed here, feel free to ask for it)

    Code (Text):
    • Multiple custom panels (Added 0.5.0)
    • Custom command for each panel (Added 0.5.0)
    • Permission based condition (Added 0.4.2)
    • Up and down conditions (i.e : UP_KILL/DOWN_KILL) (Added 0.4.0)
    • Using custom heads as icons in the menu (Added 0.3.0)
    • Specific block break condition for each block (Added 0.2.0)

    Need support ? Feel free to contact me on discord! Click here to join the discord!

    Feel free to rate the plugin and send feedback!
    And don't forget to leave a like ;)
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    Version: 0.5.1
    Excelent easy to use plugin, the best choice if you want to make a rank system for your server. I had an Issue and a day later it's already fixed, keep up the good work!
    1. ZeTioZ
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, I appreciate it ^^
  2. acrtic
    Version: 0.5.0
    Thanks for adding multiple panel support. very cool feature! hoping for more cool stuff in the future.
    1. ZeTioZ
      Author's Response
      Your welcome! Enjoy ^^
  3. ShantoGaming
    Version: 0.0.7
    I used this plugin on my server to be honest this plugin is very good and this plugin owner is very friendly but after using this plugin another server developer says it is their own plugin or we stolen their plugin.
    btw thank you so much for make this plugin for us. <3
    1. ZeTioZ
      Author's Response
      Your welcome thanks for the review
  4. mortix
    Version: 0.0.5
    such a great plugin and developer i love this plugin its basicaly everthing i find for rankup also the cofig file is so easy . Thanks for helping me :)
    1. ZeTioZ
      Author's Response
      Your welcome and thanks for the rating ;)
  5. acrtic
    Version: 0.0.2
    Nice plugin works jus the way i wanted thanks for making this .looking forward for more updates!
  6. smcEnterius
    Version: 0.0.2
    Nice plugin! Create your own library, well, API. It will be great!
    (Google Translate)
    1. ZeTioZ
      Author's Response
      Hey hi, what do you mean by "create your own API" ? It isn't meant to be an API ^^