Conditional GUI | Make your own conditionals GUI! [HEAD-SUPPORT] [1.13.x - 1.17.x] 0.5.1

Make your own conditionals gui to execute multiple commands!

  1. Added support for SuperiorSkyblock2

    • Added the support for SuperiorSkyblock2
  2. Unlimited custom panels with custom commands !

    • Added the possibility to make an unlimited number of panels
    • Added a sub-command for each new panel

    Please, remove or update your configs.yml file in order to benefit of the new update !
  3. Multiple permission on condition support

    • Added the multiple permission support for the permission condition
  4. UP/DOWN/EQUAL condition prefix and code refactoring

    • Added UP/DOWN/EQUAL keyword in front of each numeral condition
    "UP_KILL: 25" => It does mean that he must have more than 25 kills
    "DOWN_KILL: 25" => It does mean that he must have less than 25 kills
    "EQUALS_KILL: 25" => It does mean that he must have 25 kills
    • Fix of an issue with invalid enums
    • Code refactoring
  5. Custom heads on GUI

    • Added custom heads from nickname or Base64 URL as GUI icons
    • Added the option "head-texture" (works only with PLAYER_HEAD material)
    • Fix of the exception if the mined material wasn't an actual material
    • Changed "display-color" to "display-name-color" to be more explicit
    • Some optimizations


    (Please, make sure to update or delete your old configs.yml file!)
  6. Individual block break and SuperiorSkyBlock conditions

    • Added SuperiorSkyBlock support (beta)
    • Added individual block break condition support
    • Renamed "mined_blocks" condition to "mined_total"

    Check the conditions list to get the new conditions availables!

    (Don't forget to update your config file if you were using the "mined_blocks" condition and rename it to "mined_total")
  7. Display name color support

    • Adding the possibility to color the display name of the GUI icons

    (Please, update or remove the configs.yml file from your plugin folder)
  8. NPE and case insensitive conditions

    • Fixed an NPE that you could get if the configs file is miss-configured
    • The conditions are now case insensitive (ex: "MiNeD_BLoCKs:" will work)
  9. McMMO Level Support + Fixes

    • Added the support of McMMO overall level condition
    • Added an options to make a rank reclaimable
    • Added some errors messages
    • Added an "Already owned" state to the ranks if not reclaimable
    • Fixed an issue where the player could claim the rank infinitely

    (Please, update or remove the messages.yml and configs.yml files from your plugin folder)
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  10. Some fixes and aliases addition

    • Added two aliases to the command (/rankup, /rkup)
    • Fixed an NPE when not dying from an other player