ConditionalWhitelist - Whitelist Control based on online players! 1.0

Only allow players to join when certain players (like streamers) are online

  1. CreepPlays
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

    You have starting a project which should only allow other players to join the server if for example some streamers are online? Then this plugin is the right one for you!

    It is based on the default player whitelist of Vanilla/Spigot, so you can simply add the player to the whitelist and it works!

    If you want to join as a normal player without certain players online, you cannot login and get this message:


    If the condition is met, for example a streamer is online, normal players can join as usual with the whitelist mechanics.

    When the streamer in this example leaves the server, you see this countdown as a bossbar on the top:


    After the countdown is done, you are kicked with a customizable kick message:



    Just change the config (in plugins/ConditionalWhitelist like you want.
    All shown messages can be customized.

    Code (Text):
    kick-in-minutes: 5

    server-close: "§lThe server will be closed"
    player-kick: "§cThe server was closed because no streamer is online!"
    not-in-whitelist: "§cYou are not whitelisted!"
    no-join-possible: "§cThe server is currently closed because no streamer is online!"

    minutes: "minutes"
    seconds: "seconds"
    minute: "minute"
    second: "second"
    Code (YAML):
    Bypass Whitelist Condition: conditionalwhitelist.bypass
    Necessary Player for activating whitelist
    : conditionalwhitelist.necessary
    Terms of use:

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    2. You are not allowed to claim this plugin as your own.