ConfigurableDrops 0.2

Allows you to customize experience and item drops from any mob.

  1. MakotoMiyamoto
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    Welcome to ConfigurableDrops v0.2! CD is
    a custom drops plugin that (currently) allows
    you to apply custom item and experience
    drops to each and every mob that exists on
    your server version!

    ConfigurableDrops Features:
    specified mob type
    ability to enable or disable a defined loot table

    adjustable experience drop
    an infinitely versatile list of items that can be dropped
    from a mob
    percent chance per item drop
    quantity of items per item drop
    metadata per item drop
    - display name
    - lore
    - enchants
    - hideflags
    - unbreakable
    - ampersand color code support


    The ConfigurableDrops config.yml file is
    almost 100% versatile, meaning you
    can customize the drop list however
    you like!
    As long as you don't erase
    enabled or
    debugMode from the config, you'll never
    have to worry about your config being

    Mobs: - All mobs must fall under this list.
    MobKey: - (Chicken: under Mobs: above) can be any name you want, requires mobType:.
    mobType: - The mob defined in the loot table.
    isEnabled: - Whether or not the current loot table is enabled. Useful if you want to disable a table only temporally. false by default.
    exp: - Amount of exp that drops from a mob. Set to -1 for vanilla exp. -1 by default.
    Items: - Must be within a MobKey. All items in a loot table must fall under this list.
    ItemKey: - (Chicken_Gemstone: under Items: above) can be any name you want, requires itemType:.
    itemType: - The item defined in the loot table.
    chance: - the percent chance for an item to drop (can range from 0.0001 - 99.9999). 100 by default.
    amount: - Number of the ItemType that will drop, if it does drop. 1 by default.
    ItemMetaData: - Metadata of the item.
    itemName: - Display name of the item.
    itemLore: - Lore of the item.
    itemEnchants: - Item's enchantments.
    hideFlags: - What flags to hide on an item.
    unbreakable: - Is the item unbreakable? false by default.

    mobTypes: - does not include any entities from 1.13+

    itemTypes: - does not include items from 1.13+

    itemEnchants: - does not include any enchantments from 1.13+


    v0.1 - Plugin released
    - introduces Mobs section
    - define a mob section, its mobType, whether or not its enabled, amount of experience dropped, list of items, chance of each item dropping, and the amount of items to drop in each item in the loot table.
    v0.2 - Metadata update
    - introduces ItemMetaData section
    - allows the user to customise the name, lore, enchants, hideflags, and unbreakable setting of their items.

    Join our Discord here!

    Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated! Your comments on
    this plugin are best found on the Discord server, should you wish
    to join!

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  1. testablebox048
    Version: 0.1
    works some bugs
    good luck
    give it a try and I bet you won't regret it. Think about all the things you can do with this.
    1. MakotoMiyamoto
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the feedback (: Optimization will be improved next patch. Thank you for downloading!