Conquestia Mobs 3.3.3

Mob leveling plugin based on distance.

  1. Ferrago
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    Plugin Description:
    This plugin was created to add a leveling system to Mobs. I noticed there may be one or two similar plugins, however none of them really gave the option to make a truly unique RPG experience through mob spawning. My plugin is extremely customizable, almost to a fault. You have the ability to set specific settings on a per spawn basis, or a global basis. The plugin gives full control over the leveling system.

    Simple Tutorial Video:

    Current Features:
    • Leveling System - Mobs are assigned a level, determined by distance from the closest defined spawn point.
    • Health System - Mob health is modified at spawn, in a way that works with other plugins that might modify the mob's health.
    • Damage System - Mobs damage increases with level to provide a more fluid experience.
    • Experience System - Mobs experience increases with level to provide a more fluid experience.
    • Config GUI - Provides a nice easy to use GUI for the most user friendly experience possible.
    • Naming System - Assign prefixes/suffixes based on the mob's level, that will also preserve the name assigned by any other plugin.
    Compatible Plugins:
    • /cqm settings - Opens GUI menu
    • /cqm closestspawn - Shows World/SpawnNode closest to your position.
    • /cqm clearmobs - Kills all leveled mobs (will not kill any NON-leveled mobs)
    • conquestia.admin - gives access to all cqm commands.
    There are two options for managing the configuration of the plugin, either by modifying the .yml files inside of the plugin folder, or by utilizing the /cqm settings command. I will only provide help with the menu config. If you modify the .yml files you do so at your own risk and will receive no assistance.
    • Monetary Drop System
    • More robust naming, allowing special names for mobs
    • Loot System
    If you like my work, donate toward a cup of coffee. Donate:


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Recent Updates

  1. Metrics Update
  2. Added Portuguese
  3. Fixed GUI 1.10/1.11 compat issue.

Recent Reviews

  1. SamB440
    Version: 3.3.3
    This is a brilliant plugin, but I am hoping this gets updatedt to support 1.13! If you can do that it'd be great. Thanks.
  2. GamerGuyD3
    Version: 3.3.3
    One of my favorite plugins! I've had no problems with it other than having to reconfigure some things on Spawn Nodes that aren't the same as the world config every time i restart the server. (Not a big deal) Still waiting on that mob loot update!!! Please release soon ferrago!! I need it as many other server owners who use this plugin do too. :)
  3. QuestUniverse
    Version: 3.3.3
    In general it's a pretty good plugin, however, It would be improved if it could work with Mythic Mobs and the new 1.12 mobs such as the Illusioner.
  4. CaioVillar
    Version: 3.3.3
  5. LiLgOdS
    Version: 3.3.3
    please update this resource... it's very good plugin but there's a not detectable file that connect to other world...
  6. SurvivorsDev
    Version: 3.3.3
    it's a good plugin but I want you to add lang file. If you add I can add my language to supported languages
    1. Ferrago
      Author's Response
      This is already possible. There are language files you can alter to add support for your language. Check within plugin folder
  7. PikachuEXE
    Version: 3.3.3
    Nice for survival with some challenge added!
    I use it with MobHunting. Works well!
    Lv20 = already OP
  8. LordofLightning
    Version: 3.3.3
    Great plugin, but doesn't work with mythic mobs, will change rating to 5 stars if it does, thank you :)
  9. jass98er
    Version: 3.3.3
    Can you add me on discord sillypal#2114, I found a huge logic mistake that might shutting down the server
  10. Velerium
    Version: 3.3.3
    Each restart I must reload the plugin, only looks after world, world_nether and world_the_end and I need the plugin in another world, by the way it's still a good plugin.
    1. Ferrago
      Author's Response
      I will look into this. It appears working on my end. I have several worlds and they all appear to be registered, however you are not first to report this. Will work on it.