Console Skript | Minehut 1.0-Minehut

A powerful console system built for Minehut servers. A W.I.P. version is being made for others.

  1. TheCodingPro
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Author: TrueFusion (AKA TheCodingPro)
    Name: Console
    Depend: Skript, SkQuery, skript-logs (LuckPerms if you want to use the trust feature without using /op)

    Console system in-game that uses the infobox system featured in my Notepad project. Frequent updates to utils will be added for a W.I.P. version for usage of skript-reflect.

    How to use:
    /console [toggle|trust|utils|help] [value] The main command of the console system.
    Type ! before a message in the console to execute a command.

    Please leave a full review with bugs, concerns, suggestions. This is more of a test before I get into the fun stuff.