ConsoleChat 1.6

Provides a more useful method of chatting from console

  1. Shortcut command for global messages

    I realized it's a pain in the posterior to constantly have to do cc * so I added ccg as a shortcut. It's essentially identical to doing cc *, so you pass it the same params as that just not having to add the asterisk.
  2. Custom prefixes and misc changes

    I added the ability to change the prefix without affecting the "global" one, so if I want it to be like "[Console] " normally I could also create a prefix like :s for "<Strahan> " so I could make it look like I was chatting without having to keep changing the primary prefix.

    I also changed some permission nodes to make them more logical and some message keys so if you are upgrading, be sure you verify the perms. IIRC, it was just the toggle that changed I think. Since there are more...
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