ConsoleLock 1.0

Input lock-out for console.

  1. Jagarti
    After seeing a very unique request for a plugin to disable console commands, I set out to create this simple lock. It will refuse any input to the console when active until receiving the correct password.

    It has two options in the config.yml: password, auto - their respective default values are: password, false

    The password is set to be an unbroken string, case sensitive. In theory, it can be the length of the console input. The plugin can be actively updated by either an unlocked console or a player with the permission/op status.

    The "auto" boolean, when set to true runs on server start. It also checks every five minutes to make sure the lock is on. A setting of false will require manual locking.

    Permission: "conlock.admin"

    Player Commands:
    1. /conlock password <password> - change the password.
    2. /conlock <on/off> - toggle the lock.
    3. /conlock status - check status of lock.
    Console Commands:
    1. /conlock - lock the console.
    2. /conlock password <password> - change the password.

    Everything should be straight forward and I don't think I'll need to update this but if you have any issues, please let me know.

Recent Reviews

  1. BetaDv
    Version: 1.0
    Doesn't even load. Bad plugin. Don't recommend. It keeps saying that the plugin is not Up to Date.
  2. caca
    Version: 1.0
    Really useful plugin, this has protected my server for being hacked by some haters -v-, Could you make a Bungee version of this please? The same thing but for bungeecord ^^