ConsoleOnly 1.0

Restrict commands to the console only!

  1. pondamo
    Tired of your friends opping other players? Or even worried about one of your OPs doing dumb things? Then ConsoleOnly is just for you! ConsoleOnly takes a config file of commands then restricts them from anyone using them. Dont worry though, theres still a permission that lets you use the commands!

    - /cosetmessage <message> Sets the message a player receives if they try to use a blocked command.
    - /comessage Shows you the message players receive if they try to use a blocked command

    - consoleonly.bypass Bypasses the plugin (Suggested for ONLY the owner!)
    - consoleonly.setmessage Gives you permission to use /cosetmessage
    - consoleonly.message Gives you permission to use /comessage

    Code (Text):
    #Set the message players receive when they enter a blocked command
    message: You are not allowed to do that!

    #Set the commands that are not allowed here. INCLUDE THE '/'!
      - /op
      - /?
      - /about
      - /icanhasbukkit

Recent Reviews

  1. powercas_gamer
    Version: 1.0
    Pretty Nice, Maybe add permissions so i can give people permissions to only bypass example: /pl