ConsoleSecure 1.6

ConsoleSecure; Fast very lightweight and easy to use plugin to keep your sever and players safe.

  1. Mach
    ConsoleSecure Is a lightweight plugin made to help control people from potentially ruining a server. It does this by blocking certain damaging commands from being used outside of the server console. This stops potential griefers from being able to use these commands to their advantage against your server. This plugin takes little time to setup and comes with only a few permissions so admins can still use the commands ConsoleSecure disables.

    • csec.op ~ Allows user to still use /op and /deop commands.
    • csec.essentials ~ Allows user to still use /killall and /nuke commands.
    • csec.vanilla ~ Allows user to still use /gamerule and /? command.
    • csec.bukkit ~ Allows user to still use /reload and /plugins command
    • csec.we ~ Allows user to still use all WorldEdit commands that are prefixed with //
    Currently Blocked Commands
    • /op and /deop has the potential to allow griefers to use any commands and change settings on your server.
    • /killall has the potential for griefers to kill all entities including players.
    • /nuke has the potential for griefers to send tnt raining down on your server (if you use essentials).
    • /gamerule has the potential to allow griefers to start fires and all kinds of things inside your server.
    • /? Allows users to see all server plugins and commands giving them info on how to best exploit your server.
    • /reload Allows user to reload server from the command line which can cause many issues
    • /plugins Also allows users to see a full list of active and inactive plugins on your server
    • All WorldEdit commands that are prefixed with // - Has the potential for players to change whole areas if given the chance.
    1. Download ConsoleSecure plugin.
    2. Put ConsoleSecure inside the plugins folder of your server files.
    3. Add permissions to your list of permissions for trusted users.
    4. Reload your server and feel protected by ConsoleSecure :)
    If you have any questions comments or concerns fell free to leave me a comment or pm. I will be checking this page regularly. Also if you have any suggestions for commands that should be blocked leave them here and ill add them in a future version.

    Thanks in advance for the download :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. AustinPilz
    Version: 1.6
    I downloaded this plugin to test it's capabilities. It performs exactly as described. The entire purpose of the plugin is to block commands that any self respecting server owner would have already blocked with a permissions plugin. None the less, great plugin!
  2. deathcaptain
    Version: 1.5.1
    Awesome plugin, But i recommend blocking all bukkit commads such as
    i would even block these
    and all groupmanager commands!

    Nonetheless very good!
    1. Mach
      Author's Response
      Blocking the Bukkit base commands is a good idea and I will work on including them. Thanks for the suggestion :)
  3. Miles
    Version: 1.5
    1. Mach
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the support :D