ContainerBlocker 1.1.1

Blocks specified items from containers.

  1. Omniscimus
    ContainerBlocker allows you to manage which items your players can place in containers, like furnaces and chests. You can configure which containers are affected.
    An example of when you could use this plugin: on some servers, players shouldn't be able to exchange items using furnaces. You can block those items using this plugin.

    ContainerBlocker was carefully written and a lot of time has been dedicated to it. Therefore, it is suggested that you donate a certain amount of money (like €4,-) so that the developer can continue making plugins like this. However, if you'd like all Spigot plugins to turn into premium plugins and you don't appreciate all the hard work the developer has put into this, you can download the plugin for free.


    • /cb help: displays command help.
    • /cb list: displays all items that are currently on the list.
    • /cb add: adds the item you're currently holding to the list.
    • /cb remove: remove the item you're currently holding from the list.
    • containerblocker.admin: allows the player to all ContainerBlocker commands.
    • containerblocker.override: allows the player to place anything into any container, regardless of whether the item is being blocked or not.
    • containerblocker.override.<item-name>: allows the player to place the specified item into any container.
    The item names you need to use for specific overrides, are the Minecraft block names. To find the name of a dirt block, press F3 + H while in-game to see the item information when hovering over the item (if you haven't already enabled that). The name you'll need is on the bottom line: if it says 'minecraft:dirt', the item name is 'dirt'.



    Default configuration
    • inventories:
      A list of containers that should be affected by the plugin.
      The list of supported containers is included in the config.
    • blockallitems:
      If this is set to true, the list of items below will be a list of allowed items: all items will be blocked from containers, except the listed items.
      If this is set to false, the list of items below will be a list of blocked items: all items will be allowed in containers, except the listed items.
      Allowed values: true, false.
    • message_on_block:
      If this is set to true, players will be sent a message if they try to place an item in a container which isn't allowed in there.
      Allowed values: true, false.
    • items:
      The list of blocked / allowed items. Don't change this in the config; changing it using the commands will prevent mistakes.

    [​IMG] Source on github

    Don't hesitate to tell me if you've got any suggestions or if you've found an issue!

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