ContainerLock ( UUIDs without a database ) 0.13b

Locks Chests (and a couple other things) without a database, uses UUIDs

  1. wafwot
    Source on github at

    Locks chests, double chests, trapped chests, furnaces, hoppers, dispensers, droppers and brewing stands.

    This is version dependent. It works with all 1.7 builds (at least the many I have tried). Will not work with anything less than 1.7, should work with Bukkit as well as Spigot, but I've never tested it with Bukkit. Remember, this plugin needs to be updated each time a new version comes out.

    What will happen when a new version comes out? The plugin will still retain it's locks. Access will still be limited as expected. You can not create new locks or add authorized users to locked containers until the plugin updates.

    This is a beta version. I have tested a lot, but mostly focused on the parts that I needed, which happens to not include permissions. And mostly tested on 1_7_r2. Test and report any issues you have.
    • Uses no database, nothing stored outside of minecraft.
    • Uses UUIDs for access.
    • One container owner.
    • Up to five additional users.
    • Only owner can destroy container.
    • Only owner can add authorized users.
    • Players can create chests by making a [Locked] sign.
    • Container owners can add/remove uses by looking at a locked container and issuing command /lock +usertoadd -usertoremove
    • All actions permission based
    • Optional method for controlling locked chests. Give out magic signs! Someone who has a magic sign can use it to create one locked container in their name.
    • Right click the [Locked] sign and a player can see everyone who is authorized to access the chest and the last time each player has used it.
    • Locked chests can NOT be destroyed, not by a player, not by an explosion. Only an owner of the lock, someone with the lock.destroy.others permission or op.

    General User Permissions
    • lock.create - Lets a user create a chest in their name using a sign on a container with the first line [Locked]
    • lock.add - Lets a user who is the owner of a chest add other players to access their chest, using the /lock +xxx -xxx command
    • - Lets a user open a chest that they are an owner or user of.
    • - Lets an authorized user list information about a chest they are allowed to access. An owner can always view information about a chest.
    • lock.destroy - Lets an owner destroy their own chest.
    Admin permissions
    • lock.create.others - Lets a user create a locked chest in the name of another player. Just put the owners name on the second line of a [Locked] sign.
    • lock.add.others - Lets a user add/remove players from anyone's chest.
    • - Lets the user open a chest they are not an authorized user of.
    • - Lets the user view information about any chest.
    • lock.destroy.others - Lets the user destroy anyone's chest.
    • lock.anywhere - This lets you place [Locked] signs where they don't belong. Like if you want to make one on an information wall.

    op has all permissions all users have the permissions highlighted in green. you will need to remove those permissions if you don't want them to have them. By default users can not create chests, you either need to give then lock.create permission or give them magic signs. The permission node will let them create unlimited locks, by using magic signs you effectively limit the player to the number of signs you give them.


    /lock +player -player +player ...
    User command mainly, anyone with lock.add can use this to add players to their own chests. lock.add.others will permit adding or removing players to anyone's chest. You look at the chest you want to add/remove access to and then type in the command.
    /lock magicsign player
    This creates and gives a magic sign to the given player. That player must be online. Once they receive the sign the player can use the sign to create a lock. They just apply it to a chest, no test needed. And the chest (or other container) will be locked to them. The user can sell/trade/lose the sign as well. Only op or console can do this.
    /lock magicsign player locked
    About the same as above, except this magic sign is ONLY valid for the player it is given to. If they trade it to another player it will not work. The lore says who it is made for. Only op or console can do this.

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  1. red0fireus
    Version: 0.13b
    Im getting this error Incompatible Versions. Locks can not be created. Current locks will continue to Operate. I am Running Version Cauldron-MCPC-PLUS version git-Cauldron-MCPC-Plus-1.7.10-1.1231.04.209 (MC: 1.7.10) 1.7.10-R0.1-SNAPSHOT