Contraband Asker 3.2

A plugin that allows officer/guards to ask for players' contraband items.

  1. TheMindDroid
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Contraband Asker is a plugin that allows Officers or Guards to ask for players' contraband in a clear way. The plugin officers a list of different contraband items to request, along with the option to ask a player to exit a PVP safe zone, if your server implements them.

    Player Features:
    When an Officer or Guard asks a player for their contraband, a title sequence is displayed on the player's screen. This title displays the Guard or Officer who is asking, along with the contraband they are asking for.
    Title Cropped.png

    After the initial title sequence begins, the player is prompted with a 5 second countdown to hand over their contraband. This countdown also emits an audible sound to ensure it gets the player's attention. Once completed, the title then makes clear that if the player failed to comply, they will either be jailed or killed by the Officer or Guard.

    Officer/Guard Features:
    When an Officer or Guard asks a player to hand over their contraband, they will receive a message in chat confirming who they asked and what contraband they asked for. Additionally, all other Officers or Guards with the same permission will be broadcast a message that a player was asked to hand over their contraband.
    ask message.png

    Once the 5 second countdown has ended, the Officer or Guard will be sent a message informing them that the countdown is up for the player, at which point the Officer or Guard will take necessary action.
    times up message.png

    To reduce spam for both players and Officers/Guards, any officer is not able to ask a player for their contraband if they are currently viewing a countdown. This means that if two Officers or Guards try to ask for a single player's contraband, the player will only receive the countdown once.
    wait message.png

    Commands and Permissions:
    In order for an Officer or Guard to be able to ask for contraband, they need the individual permission for each command. This allows server administrators to control what Officers or Guards can and cannot ask for.*
    no permission.png
    *Note that OPed players automatically have all permissions but administrators without OP will need to be given them.



    Allows the Officer or Guard to ask for a player's sword.
    Permission: ContrabandAsker.sword


    Allows the Officer or Guard to ask for a player's bow.
    Permission: ContrabandAsker.bow


    Allows the Officer or Guard to ask for a player's potion.
    Permission: ContrabandAsker.pot

    Allows the Officer or Guard to ask for a player's drugs.
    Permission: ContrabandAsker.drug

    Allows the Officer or Guard to ask for a player's arrows.
    Permission: ContrabandAsker.arrow

    Allows the Officer or Guard to ask for a player to exit a safe zone.
    Permission: ContrabandAsker.out

    Currently, the plugin has a config.yml that allows server owners to change the title of the message sent to the players along with the prefix that shows before all chat messages. Rather than 'ContrabandAsker', administrators have the option to tailor the plugin to their server's lore by changing the properties in the config file. An example of such would be changing the title to "Federal Bureau of Investigation" and the prefix as 'FBI'.

    I am open to making the plugin more configurable over time so feel free to let me know your suggestions as to what I should add to the config.yml.

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  1. Added config.yml

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  1. Kristianas
    Version: 3.2
    Awesome plugin! Is it possible that could you add the complete translation in the next update?
  2. MarCarrot
    Version: 2.4
    This is a great and essential plugin for my prison server. It looks very sleek and my players love it so far.