ControlloHack 2021-01-08

Controllo Hack Plugin

  1. WoZniaKTV
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Languages Supported:
    ControlloHack - Plugin
    (Only Italian Language Supported, This is my first plugin published on, I'll add the English Language in the next update)

    (Commands will change soon to support English use too)

    /controllo <player>
    /setposcontrollohack - Selects the position of the CheatCheck [Can be used in another world too]


    (Staffer Items)


    (Warning Player Inventory) - The Player Must Click the green banner to close the inventory


    (Suspect's inventory) - Only Admins will have the bedrock block to bypass the cheat check.


    --> a.mod
    /setposcontrollohack --> a.admin

    Effects during the CheatCheck
    Name of players above the head will be hidden through the vanilla method using teams, this may create Console Logs Problems.
    Name of players in the chat is customized, and the chat it's private, suspect's name is SOSPETTO, and staffer's name is STAFFER, this will be changed in the new updates since the English version too will be created.
    Effect NIGHT_VISION during the cheat check.
    The inventory will be saved and changed totally at the start of the cheat check, and at the end, inventory will be given back to the 2 players.

    Detected Bugs - Problems
    On Reload the position of the cheat check will be loss, you'll need to do /setposcontrollohack another time.
    On Reload during a cheat check inventory of 2 players will be loss.

    If you detect bugs try sending feedbacks.
    This Plugin Doesn't create his own Folder in /plugins.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Ciaouz
    Version: 2021-01-08
    fra, una domanda: ma c'è anche per bungeecord? fammi sapere, perchè ho un bungee e vorrei che mi portasse in un altro server
    1. WoZniaKTV
      Author's Response
      Sono un programmatore alle prime armi, non lo ho ancora sviluppato per bungee, e non credo di farlo presto.