Cookie Crafter v0.1.0

Best free spigot cookie clicker plugin!

  1. Chemi

    This is a nice cookie clicker plugin,
    Based on this awesome game: So the plugin is pretty basic atm,
    In the config you can choose if to give a cookie crafter on join,
    And it its set on true, you can choose which slot it will be set on.

    The main command is /cc or /cookiecrafter - it shows all the commands in the chat
    you can use /cc or /cookiecrafter in the command line.

    Code (Text):
    Permission to all commands: cc.admin

    /cc get - gives you a cookie crafter
    Permission: cc.get
    /cc give [Player name] - gives the player you wrote a cookie crafter
    Permission: cc.give
    /cc reload - reloads the main cookie crafter config
    Permission: cc.reload
    /cc add [Player name] [Amount] - gives a player an amount of cookies
    Permission: cc.add


    Please report bugs! I will post a fix as soon as possible.
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Recent Updates

  1. Major bug fixes
  2. Leaderboard
  3. Reset!

Recent Reviews

  1. yapperyapps
    Version: v0.1.0
    Nice plugin.

    The leader boards could you a bit of an update though. I would love to see the CPS leaderboard
  2. dpower
    Version: v0.1.0
    Great plugin!!

    Could you please remove the error when you run /cc without any parameters?
    1. Chemi
      Author's Response
      Its an error because of the JSON
      I will update the plugin very soon
  3. Maner_
    Version: v0.1.0
    Good joob !
  4. Bryan_Ponce
    Version: v0.1.0
    This is an AMAZING plugin! I love it! Its going to be a huge plugin soon! I hope you keep it free, just because Its such an amazing plugin.
    I use it in my server, Everyone loves it!

    Just a few things I reccomend:
    - Permission to reset stats or ability to remove reset stats from config
    - Ability to enable/disable shops from the config, or by permissions
    - Ability to add custom shops
    (Just some recommendations, don't be a hater)
    1. Chemi
      Author's Response
      xD I will NEVER ask money for plugins.
      I do this for fun and for others.
      And thanks for the suggestions! I really appriciate it
  5. DampfWaffel
    Version: v0.0.8
    Good Plugin Please fix the Error than you become 5 Stars. ^^
    1. Chemi
      Author's Response
      Can you please tell me what is the error?
  6. ericbarbwire
    Version: v0.0.6
    Great plugin! The Dev is super cool, and always willing to help fix bugs and improve the plugin.
  7. PandaShadowz
    Version: v0.0.5
    best mini mini mini mini mini mini game gg :) hope you will add more things :) and add that you can buy 10x somethings 100x etc and that you can sell things that you buy [like if i have 50 cursors and i need some money i can sell 10 of them] ;))
    1. Chemi
      Author's Response
      Ty for the suggestion, Ill see into that.
      Atm i'm working on - Reset button, Sell button, Golden cookies and leaderboard :)