Cookie Crashers 2.0

Cookie, Game, Remake, FFA, PvP, Enchantments

  1. galaxywarrior6

    Fun PvP FFA game with a Cookie with Knockback 25.


    Want your server here, Post a comment with your server IP and the server name.


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    Commands & Permissions

    Note: Instead of using /CookieCrashers you could use:
    • /cc
    <> = Required []= Optional

    /CookieCrashers <leave> Leaves an arena. No permission node
    /CookieCrashers <join> <arena #> Joins an arena. No permission node
    /CookieCrashers <help> Displays the help menu. No permission node
    /CookieCrashers <createarena> Creates an arena. Must have OP
    /CookieCrashers <setlobby> <arena #> Sets the lobby for the arena. Must have OP
    /CookieCrashers <setlobbyspawn> Sets the main game spawn. Must have OP
    /CookieCrashers <setspawn> <next> Sets the spawn points in the arena. Must have OP
    /CookieCrashers <start> [arena #] Starts an arena. Perm: minigame.start
    /CookieCrashers <enable> <arena #> Enables an arena. Must have OP
    /CookieCrashers <disable> <arena #> Disables an arena. Must have OP


    A Bukkit Server

    Join Signs & Class Signs

    1. [Join]
    2. (arena #)


    Bug Reports

    I'd really appreciate it if you were to post your bug reports in the Tickets page. It helps keep the comments clean, and I notice it faster. It's also nice if you could follow a format of sorts. Some questions are better if they're answered.

    Description of bug

    How did it happen? (Step by step) Was there an error log in the console? If so, please include it

    Thanks to...

    These people helped out, not with donations, but something equally important. I'd also like to thank them because of the vital role they played in this plugin's development

    Double0negative - For his minigame template
    itsatacoshop247 - For the CookieSlap game idea

Recent Updates

  1. Rewrite
  2. Updated
  3. Added Join Command!

Recent Reviews

  1. slideroller
    Version: 1.7.4
    1.7.4 Is bugged i think i keep getting this message on console when i do a command/make classes "lighing"
    1. galaxywarrior6
      Author's Response
      It's from when I was de-bugging the plugin.
  2. slideroller
    Version: 1.6.5
    I like this plugin, I think it should keep on going :) keep up the great work.
    1. galaxywarrior6
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D I posted an updated so there shouldn't be any bugs with 1.7.4