CookieClicker 0.0.3

A hub-friendly game of cookie clicker!

  1. AniSkywalker
    Shoutout to @Tux for helping me out!

    Need a new Hub game to spice up you're server? You're in luck! Now you can offer you're players a way to make money by... well... clicking. This is a proof of concept for the unappreciated Redis database. Because it uses Redis, you can have the same game on multiple lobbies and stats will carry over. What's great about Redis as opposed to MySQL is speed; if a player quickly switches lobbies and clicks, a race condition would occur. With redis, the sync is fast and thread-safe. Basically, you can have it on as many different servers as you want and it won't get unsynchronized.

    With all that said, what you need to run this plugin is a locally hosted Redis server (support for AUTH coming soon). The reason it should be hosted is that I was having issues with AUTH, so you're server can't be password protected. If it's locally hosted it should be perfectly safe.

    Please, please, please do not use this with PerWorldPlugins. It's untested and you will receive no support if "it dun work."

    This is also a hidden hack detector. Most anti-cheat plugins will detect auto click and rapid click, even on the cookie. This has been tested.

    • /ccl or /cookieclickerleaderboard: Get the leaderboard.
    • /cookies, /cookie, /c [PLAYER]: Get a player's cookie count.
    • Coming soon: /

    Here's some screenshots:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    How do you install a Redis server? Glad you asked!

    Ubuntu All you have to do is run "apt-get install redis-server", then "redis-server". Done!
    CentOS Follow the instructions found at
    Mac Follow the instructions found at
    Windows 'Nuff said.

    This plugin uses MCStats to collect anonymous statistical data. To opt out, change opt-out to true in you're configuration.
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Recent Reviews

  1. FNaFerYT
    Version: 0.0.3
    nice minigame!
    but how about you add that we can change the messages cause i am making a german server and most of the users that i got on my other servers told me to translate every message from english to german cause not everybody understands english.
    god that was hard to write
    that was just an feature request you dont need to do it

    have a nice day
  2. Bryan_Ponce
    Version: 0.0.1
    Looks awesome, Have not tried it as of yet because my server is currently suspended, but I'd love this as a REAL minigame plugin!
    A lobby where players can see machines like:
    Oven - Giant pixelart oven, press a sign, you buy +1 Oven
    Custom Achivements - Collect 1000 Cookies
    Run commands on achivements:
    Achivement-Name: 'Get 100,000 Cookies'
    - '/give player cookie 1 name:&d&lCookie_Master!'
    GUI, Sign, Command compatible
    +1 Oven
    (+10 CPS)
    /cc upgrade oven
    A GUI that players can open with a command, buy upgrades, see achivements, check cookie balance leaderboards

    I could go on and on because I always wanted this to be a real minigame!
    1. AniSkywalker
      Author's Response
      Hey man, I'm sorry about you're server. Try if you can't get it back up. Also, I considered a minigame but I figured a hub game is better because, quite frankly, it's not much of a game when everyone can get the exact same thing at the same time. Also, AutoClickers would be rampant. However, if you really want it as a minigame, private message me and we could get something rolling. Redis is great for data storage and even better for production minigame data management. I always say, it's the fastest thing since RAM.