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  1. NoCheatBot
    Hi, this is my Maintenace Website!
    It is very easy to configure to your needings.
    I know it is very simple and easy to make but i made it for them who does not know html. I hope you like it!
    To use this you have to:
    1: Edit the index.html to your needs.
    2: Navigate to the folder called img and replace the file server-icon.png with your server icon.
    3: Drag the files from the Web folder to your webserver or server.

    <body background="img/background.png">
      <title>YourServerName - Official Website</title>

        <font color="black"><h1>YourServername - Official Website</h1></font>
        <img src="img/server-icon.png" alt="Server-Icon" style="width:256px;height:256px;">
        <font color="black"><h1>We are currently in maintenance!</h1></font>
        <font color="black"><h1>Our server will soon be online! Thanks for your patience.</h1></font>



    Website Preview

    Please rate fair. Please don't ask and report bugs in the ratings field.

    1: I own this.
    2: Don't call it yours.
    3: If you get asked about who made it, tell them i made it.
    I have not watermarked it or anything because i don't think you have to show it's made from me.

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  1. Cool and simple Maintenace website!

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