CoolDamageIndicators! (DamageIndicators Mod into a Plugin!) 2.3

This is a plugin that implements the mod into a vanilla plugin!

  1. Fixed issues

    Thanks for using CoolDamageIndicators! I am always making changes and improvements to the plugin to ensure you the best experience possible. Please update to this version to get the best out of the plugin
    - Fixed health issue(#1): Sometimes the health would show as (1.232123432)
    - Fixed issue(#2) where it would print an exception in the console.

    Thanks to @kixmc for reporting these issues! :)
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  2. Metrics

    Added metrics
  3. Big Update!


    New Features
    Added action bar support
    - Added "focus" mode
    - Fixed all of the bugs with previous versions
    - Support for 1.13
    - Support for 1.14
  4. Revised Plugin

    This update includes
    - 1.8+ Support(Tested)
    - Option to enable/disable plugin