CoralReports | Report GUI | Configurable | GUI report manager 1.3

A customizable report gui.

  1. Fixing some bugs

    <+> = Added feature
    <-> = Removed feature
    <*> = Fix

    What's in this update?
    <+> Option to disable self-reporting
    <+> The next and back buttons are now permanently in place, this is so i can add a features at the bottom of the reports inventory.
    <+> Moved denied-permission options to config.yml

    <*> Fixed denied-permission bug causing errors on first run.
  2. New punish GUI!

    Added a new punishment GUI.
    Added new /coralreports command.
    Added new /coralreports reload command.
  3. The single inventory update.

    Version 1.0 restricted users to separate report types into groups, well not anymore! You can now use a group as type. All you have to do is remove the "types:". Here's an example:
    Code (Text):
    # Message to be sent to people with the permission coralreports.notify
    report-notification: '&3&L{reported-player}&f has been reported by &3&L{reporter}&f
      for &3&L{reason}'
    # Message sent to the reporter.
    report-message: '&3&LYou&f have reported &3&L{reported-player} &ffor &3&L{reason}'
    # Message sent when...
  4. Updates plugin yml

    Removed commands from plugin.yml
  5. Duplicate permission removed.

    Removed a duplicate permission.