Core 0.3.0

Core system for my plugins [DabCore + ChatAPI Combines]

  1. Dablakbandit
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    I created this core for a network, and they have nicely allowed me to make it public, so I put all my DabCore and ChatAPI into it to make it better. This plugin does nothing by itself and has to be activated by other plugins.

    This is the core for all my plugins. This will help all my plugins function at their best.

    Before updating/installing this plugin stop the server and then install/update it, so my other plugins will not break.


    Example code with explinations:

    This will be updated soon
    Code (Text):

    public class Example{

        // Firstly i recommend creating a method to send the JSONFormatter
        protected void send(JSONFormatter jf, Player player){
            // This allows the packets to go through
            PacketListener.getInstance().allow(player, jf.getSize());
            // This sends the packets

        // Another good method to have is one that stops chat packets from being
        // sent to the player
        protected void pause(Player player){

        // And also one that restores the players chat after they have finished with
        // the gui
        protected void play(Player player){
            // This will resend the last 100 chat packets to player, if there is
            // only 50 to send,
            // then it will first send 50 blank packets

        // Basic send method
        public void send(Player player){
            // Whether newlines are enabled or not
            // Some minecraft version do not support new lines "\n"
            // It is best to have a setting in the config file to enable/disable this
            boolean newlines = false;
            JSONFormatter jf = new JSONFormatter(newlines);
            // Append a string
            // Some nice header
            // This adds a new line
            jf.append(" ");
            // Append a message with a click event
            // A click event is what happens when the player clicks it in their chat
            // There is RunCommandEvent or SuggestCommandEvent
            jf.appendClick(ChatColor.GREEN + "< Back", new RunCommandEvent("<command>" + " back"));
            jf.append(" " + ChatColor.RED + "Unsupported file");
            // There is also a hover event
            // There is ShowAchievementEvent, ShowItemEvent and ShowTextEvent
            jf.appendHover("Example", new ShowTextEvent("Hover"));
            // Resets just chat colors
            // Resets modifiers (italic, bold etc;)
            // Resets both, calling .newLine also resets all
            // Adds 15 blank lines
            // The Chat GUI can only be 20 lines high and you want it to be flush as to look nice
            // Calls the send method created earlier
            send(jf, player);
            // The JSONFormatter allows chaining which allows for very compact code
            .append(" ").appendClick(ChatColor.GREEN + "< Back", new RunCommandEvent("<command>" + " back")).newLine().newLine()
            .append(" " + ChatColor.RED + "Unsupported file")

    This produces something like:

    Example video:

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  1. Bobbber
    Version: 0.2.4
    Nice core :) Can you tell me what to put in "check update" so that it checks just once a day? For the moment it's every 15 minutes.
    1. Dablakbandit
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)

      Set it in the config to 86400
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    Version: 0.1.5
    Nice Core Plugin! Thanks Its recommend plugin. nice thanks! GG ! Good Job! another plugin good!