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Simple CoreAPI with Coins and StatsAPI and CloudNet v2 support!

  1. ukeo
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    Simple CoreAPI with a lot of features!
    My Repo-Page for all my systems:

    To activate StatsAPI and CoinsAPI you must edit the config.yml in the folder "CoreAPI"
    Set the values to "true" if you want to use it.

    Add this to your pom.xml:​
    Code (Text):
    Also add this:
    Code (Text):

    Code (Java):
    //Check if player exists
    CoinsAPI.playerExists(String uuid);

    //Create player
    CoinsAPI.createPlayer(String uuid);

    //Get coins of a player
    CoinsAPI.getCoins(String uuid);

    //Set the coins of a player
    CoinsAPI.setCoins(String uuid);

    //Add a player coins
    CoinsAPI.addCoins(String uuid);

    //Remove a player coins
    CoinsAPI.removeCoins(String uuid);

    Code (Java):
    //Create itemstack
    ItemStack itemStack = new ItemBuilder(Material material)

    //You cand add these things:

    //Set the subId of an item
    .setSubid(byte subId)

    //Set the amount of an item
    .setAmount(int amount)

    //Set the name of an item
    .setName(String name)

    //Set the durability of an item
    .setDurability(short durability)

    //Set enchantmenst for an item
    .setEnchantments(Map<Enchantment, Integer> enchantments)

    //Add an enchantment to an item
    .addEnchantment(Enchantment enchantment)

    //Clear all enchantments of an item

    //Remove an enchantment of an item
    .removeEnchantment(Enchantment enchantment)

    //Set the Lore of an item
    .setLore(List<String> lore)

    //Add a lore to an item
    .addLore(String lore)

    //Clear the lore of an item

    //Remove an lore of an item
    .removeLore(String lore)

    //Set the skull owner
    .setSkullowner(String owner)

    //To build the item add this:

    //If its a SKULL_ITEM use this to build:

    Code (Java):
    //Create particle effects
    ParticleAPI particleAPI = new ParticleAPI(EnumParticle enumParticle, Location location, boolean longdistance, float offsetx, float offsety, float offsetz, Integer speed, Integer amount);

    //To send the particles to a specific player
    particleAPI.sendPlayer(Player player);

    //To send the particles to all players

    Code (Java):
    //Check if player exists
    StatsAPI.playerExists(String uuid);

    //Create a player
    StatsAPI.createPlayer(String uuid);

    //Get the kills of a player
    StatsAPI.getKills(String uuid);

    //Get the wins of a player
    StatsAPi.getWins(String uuid);

    //Get the loses of a player
    StatsAPi.getLoses(String uuid);

    //Get the deaths of a player
    StatsAPI.getDeaths(String uuid);

    //Set the kills of a player
    StatsAPI.setKills(String uuid);

    //Set the wins of a player
    StatsAPI.setWins(String uuid);

    //Set the deaths of a player
    StatsAPI.setDeaths(String uuid);

    //Set the loses of a player
    StatsAPI.setLoses(String uuid);

    //Add kills to a player
    StatsAPI.addKills(String uuid);

    //Add deaths to a player
    StatsAPI.addDeaths(String uuid);

    //Add wins to a player
    StatsAPI.addWins(String uuid);

    //Add loses to a player
    StatsAPI.addLoses(String uuid);

    //Remove kills from a player
    StatsAPI.removeKills(String uuid);

    //Remove deaths from a player
    StatsAPI.removeDeaths(String uuid);

    Code (Java):
    //Get a itemstack with a specific texture value
    ItemStack itemStack = TextureAPi.withTexture(String texture);

    //You can find textures at
    //You can search for a head you want. If you found one you click on the head. Scroll down till you find "Value". Copy this value and put it as the texture string.

    Code (Java):
    //Add a permission group to a online player. For unlimited time use -1
    GroupAPi.addPermissionGroupToOnlinePlayer(UUID uniqueId, String group, int timeInDays);

    //Remove a player form a permission group
    GroupAPI.removePlayerFromPermissionsGroup(String group, OfflinePlayer offlinePlayer);

    Code (Java):
    //Send a player to a specific server
    ServerAPI.sendPlayer(UUID uuid, String server);

    //Get the ping of a player to the cloud
    ServerAPI.getPing(Player player);

    Code (Java):
    //Get UUID by name
    UUIDFetcher.getUUID(String name);

    //Get name by UUID
    UUIDFetcher.getName(UUID uuid);

    Code (Java):
    //Send Actionbar to a specific player
    ActionbarAPI.sendActionBar(Player player, String message);

    //Send Actionbar to all players
    ActionbarAPI.sendAllActionBar(String message);

    Have fun \^-^/

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