CoreEssentials | Custom Commands + Much More! Fully Custom Via Config's 1.1.5

CoreEssentials * All the server essentials in one place!

  1. 1.18 Support + Balance command

    + Added 1.18 support
    + Added /balance, /bal
  2. Hide Stream | Hide default Join and Leave messages.

    + Added a Hide Stream feature where you can disable default join and leave messages. }

    Note: true = The Default Join Message is Disabled.
    Note: false = The Default Join Message is Enabled.
  3. Broadcast

    Hey all! This is a small update as I am struggling for new idea's to add to the plugin! If you have any please let me know!

    + Added Broadcast command (Configurable) Also allows to have a hoover option to the broadcast!

  4. New Features

    + Added Player leave message. (configurable)
    + Added Donator leave message (configurable)
    + Made it so when disabling the status of the join messages it also disables/enables the leave messages.
    + Re-formated the config file.
  5. New Features!

    + Added an enable/disable message for commands. /vote /discord /website /store /twitter /help /rules /support
    + Added an enable/disable for Donator join message.
    + Added an enable/disable for MOTD join message.
    + Added a Player join message.
    + Added a pickup item sound (configurable)
  6. Hot fix

    + Fixed Permission bug with /fly & /god commands.

  7. New Commands

    + Added a /god command (Configurable Message)
    + Added a /fly command (Configurable Message)

    in order for the message display to work to version 1.0.8 add the new messages to the misc section of the config.
  8. 1.17 support!

    + Added 1.17 support to the plugin. If you find a bug with the 1.17 please report It on the discord server!
  9. Hot fix 2 + Message prefix.

    + Fixed the issue with papi placeholders not working in
    + Fixed the issue with papi placeholders not working with the title message and subtitle
    + Added a prefix message that is customisable + Also can be added anywhere with the placeholder | %coreessentials_prefix%
  10. Hot fix

    + Fixed the issue with papi placeholders not working in
    + Fixed the issues with papi placeholders not working in the motd join message