CoreGamblerLite 1.0

Fulfill the gambling needs of your players with scratch cards.

  1. Hellgast23
    Basic Description

    This plugin allows you to put a sign at spawn from which players can buy a scratch card for $1. When the player right clicks the scratch card they have a chance to win $1 to $5000.

    How it works
    The chances to win were well thought and based on real scratch cards.
    Profits for the player will never create new money, 7.3% of the money spend on the scratch tickets aren't going to be won back. Based on this simulation data:
    Code (Text):
        Simulations: 100.000.000
        Total Cost: $100.000.000
        Total Earnings: $92.709.590
        Econmy Impact Percent: 92,7%
    Any amounts won above $50 are broadcasted.
    This plugin require Vault.

    You create a scratch card sign when an OP places a sign and puts "scratch" in the first line of the sign.




    Configuration File

    More information
    If you have problems, questions or suggestions you can send me a personal message or leave a reply on the resource thread. I will help you out for sure.
    A rating and review are always appreciated!

    You may only decompile and/or modify this plugin with my permission and any distribution of the plugin is strictly forbidden.

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  1. hamsterfat
    Version: 1.0
    wowow gonna try this :D.
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    1. Hellgast23
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review :)