CoreProtect Lookup Web Interface v1.0.0-pre2

A flexible lookup web interface for CoreProtect 2

  1. chuu_shi
    This is a feature-packed web application that gives you the power to lookup anything CoreProtect is capable of logging in the most efficient way. CoreProtect, a Minecraft plugin, is developed by Intellii.

    This web app is capable of looking up logged data as if doing it from the game. Some filters are ported to this plugin, such as:
    • Lookup by action
    • Lookup by username
    • Lookup by block name
    • Lookup by time
    In addition, this plugin makes it possible to:
    • Lookup data by coordinates and world
    • View more than four results per page
    • Filter out rolled back data
    • View what was written on the signs (TBD)
    • Search by keywords
    • A web server with PHP 5.6 or above
      • Required extensions: PDO, PDO-SQLITE or PDO-MYSQL
    • A CoreProtect database used by CoreProtect 2.12 or above.
      • If using SQLite in real-time, the webserver must be on the same machine as the Minecraft server.
    Download the latest version and extract the .zip file somewhere on the webserver. You can also choose to use `git clone` to install this application. Go to the GitHub to check that out.

    Edit all the necessary configuration from config.php. All fields are documented in the configuration file.

    You must download the updated .zip file and manually migrate the config.php file over.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Sancaros
    Version: v1.0.0-pre2
    Keep working hard on this, very great work !

    very nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Koora
    Version: v1.0.0-pre2
    Keep working hard on this, very great work !

  3. 0fficerMike
    Version: v1.0.0-pre2
    I love this! Please add the option to disable accounts/logging in etc. Because I already have made this only work for logged in staff on my website.
    1. chuu_shi
      Author's Response
      Hi! Just set the password to an empty string ('') to disable logging in. I'm glad to hear that the tool is working out for ya! ^^

      Thank you for the review!
  4. smellyonionman
    Version: v0.9.3
    Awesome idea. Already working on a WordPress plugin adaptation using roles instead of Config and Login files. Hard and slow going but will finish and share. Great work!!! Thank you
  5. JonPlay
    Version: v0.9.3
    In my Installation it doesn't look like the Screenshot. It's very ugly. Just text and links and buttons. What did I wrong?
  6. dwi
    Version: v0.9.3
    Perfect tool. Makes looking up for thing way way easier than using ingame's CoreProtect commands.
  7. CyberDrain
    Version: v0.9.3
    This is amazing!
    Job well done mate! This makes going through the logs a lot better!
  8. Fargus
    Version: v0.9.3
    I have coreprotect 1.14.2 and it still told me that I have to install an updated version...