CoreProtect 2.17.5

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. _MinecraftUser
    Version: 2.17.5
    This saved my life on my 1.13 server so now I'm downloading it for 1.14, thanks so much.
    Also happy that unlike some other plugins, this was quickly updated to 1.14.
  2. KnaxelBaby
    Version: 2.17.5
    Not gonna lie recently having so many problems on 1.14.2 I know this is a recognized plugin and all but it lacks in a few querky areas i find frustrating
  3. Jamesfle
    Version: 2.17.5
    Ever been griefed? I know players who have so many times! Ive used this as a Mod and now Admin on two servers i have owned. So simple to use and completely reverse any stealing or griefing or "accidents" with TNT or world edit lol. Only warning i give is to decide if you really want to log certain things, as the database can become massive (250mb+) in just a week logging everything. We do not log things, like sign text, mobs killed, world edit, logins, etc as these can easily be fixed normally or it is logged by another plugin anyway or is just completely unnecessary to most Admins.
  4. SuperbotOX
    Version: 2.17.4
    This plugin saved my server. Heres the story.

    I wanted to send a meme to my co-owner via discord since I thought it was funny. When the message failed to send, I realized something was up. I joined the server and the ENTIRE world was just destroyed. Lava everywhere, spawn gone, peoples houses missing, everything... I immediately searched for backups, but I forgot to set them up. I was devastated and felt betrayed. I was shaking and shocked. I just shut down the server that day.
    Next day, I realized I had this plugin. I booted back up the server, and I immediately reverted every single block he has ever placed on the server. The server crashed two times in the process, but it worked in the end.

    I am grateful for your work. Please keep working on this plugin for as long as you can. This message goes to all developers too that have worked on this amazing plugin. You saved a server. I'll also bet that there are people like me that had this experience. Honestly, the best part is that this plugin is fricking free. FREE! EVERY server NEEDS this plugin! It's so lightweight and fast! It never even caused an error for me!

    Man, I just can't stop thanking you guys enough for your time and effort dedicated towards this project. Please keep going, and if I find a donation link, I will definitely donate.
  5. froobynooby
    Version: 2.17.3
    Been using CoreProtect for nearly 7 years. It's never let us down.
    It's fast, accurate and easy to use. Very much recommended for SMP servers.
  6. MultiGamerclub
    Version: 2.17.3
    Works like a charm, this it's the second or third time i rate it at this point but i simply enjoy it so much, its the one and only plugin i use for my small semi-vanilla server.

    Just doesnt get any better than this.
  7. HexedHero
    Version: 2.17.2
    The best LogBlock plugin in the world and logs more than just block placements and removals! Logs everything you need and its amazing!. Used this plugin since the old days of BigBrother. Donated $10.
  8. GameFreakBaree
    Version: 2.17.2
    Please update the 1.11 & 1.12 versions! 1.14 is not used very much.
    I will not update my server to 1.13 or 1.14 in the next half year because not all of my plugins are compatible.
  9. ToxicSpin
    Version: 2.17.2
    Thanks for keeping the plugin always up-to-date! <3
  10. rmellis
    Version: 2.17.2
    The Best RollBack Plugin for Minecraft Servers of all time!
    This is an Essential and should be used by all server owners
    Differently recommend this over any other!
  11. fatmanjumprope
    Version: 2.17.2
    Amazing plugin, amazing developer. Very kind and listens to the requests of users. A valuable asset to the community for sure. Keep up the good work!
  12. SirLemonade
    Version: 2.17.1
    Best anti-griefing plugin. Logs everything, you can find out basically anything and players will be shocked by your knowledge. Plus it provides rollbacks that work extremely fast and well. If you own a server and you do not have this plugin, you need to download it right now..
  13. PieCreeper12
    Version: 2.17.1
    This plugin is great for fixing griefs and undoing mistakes. It is also easy to use. Very nice!
  14. KevFive
    Version: 2.17.0
    Do you need a 1-up(extra life) as a server Owner? This is it!

    Imagine spending days, weeks, or even months creating and developing the best server ever, you forget to take a backup and BAM! Everything you worked hard to create was griefed by some Planet Minecraft clown. What do you do?

    I'll tell you! If you had CoreProtect installed, you wouldn't need to worry. CoreProtect is the best block logging plugin out there. Period.

    I cannot recommend this enough to friends and clients alike.
    You will never regret having this plugin and once you have used it, you'll want to use this plugin on every server you own/create.

    Intelli and the rest of the developer team. I told you this on Discord but I had to make it official. Your plugins and the features it provides are some of the best, and this plugin will always be a top 5 plugin for any server Owner.

    Keep up the fantastic job and know your hard work will never go unnoticed in my eyes and the eyes of many users of your plugin!
  15. iCaitlyn
    Version: 2.16.3
    A must have, definitely. Initially spotted it being used on another server, where anyone could just /co i, to check if someone they "trusted" had griefed their place, and now we decided to use it too.
  16. bluels
    Version: 2.16.3
    How can I give permission to users about "/co near" ? I can't find that permission. I want to give for users to use /co near command.
    1. Intelli
      Author's Response
  17. WeaselBeans
    Version: 2.16.3
    I mainly use this plugin to check edit/interact history on things in my server. This helps immensely with staff business. Please continue to support and improve this plugin!
  18. Edoras
    Version: 2.16.3
    The best plugin and perfect support. He's so helpful when you are in trouble and this should be appreciated.
  19. alex2003super
    Version: 2.16.3
    This is a spectacular plugin, and it radically changes the Minecraft Server admin experience. Every time a user reports griefing or a theft, it's now trivial to detect it and revert it, without having to lose progress or alter the rest of the world. Its user interface is simple to use but has excellent and advanced features, the database structure seems quite solid, and I like how it has support for both inbuilt SQLite and MariaDB/MySQL for larger installation. This plugin's rollback function is surprisingly effective at deterring griefing and other disruptive behavior.

    Basically, if you own a Minecraft Server and don't have this plugin, you're doing it wrong!
  20. MuleMuleDupe
    Version: 2.16.3
    I have been using this plugin for 1 year and i really enjoy it, it is the perfect plugin for griefer's prevention