CoreProtect 2.16.3

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. CoreProtect v2.15.0 [Spigot 1.13]

    • Added full support for all Minecraft 1.13 block and entity types, including new data values.
    • Added full tab completion support. All base commands and parameters are now listed.
    • Added automatic conversion of old CoreProtect data, for usage with CoreProtect v2.15+.
    • Added check to prevent database corruption if a newer version of the plugin has been previously used.
    • Added additional data validation checks to reduce NullPointerExceptions triggered by other plugins.
    • Added logging support for WorldEdit v7+. Older versions of WorldEdit are no longer supported.
    • Added logging for EntityDamageByBlock and BlockExplode events. Explosions are now fully logged.
    • Added logging for chorus plant growth, including chorus flower movement.
    • Added logging for concrete powder turning into concrete from lava or water.
    • Added logging for entities that are killed by conduits (logs as #magic).
    • Added logging for waterlogged blocks, such as when a chest is under water.
    • Added logging for water and lava blocks that are placed from a dispenser.
    • Added logging support for up to 9 quintillion blocks, instead of only 2 billion.
    • Added cooldown for lookups and commands, to prevent users from intentionally overloading database.
    • Improved database connection handling. Creation of new database connections has been reduced by 99.94%.
    • Improved speed of MySQL purges. Disk space is no longer reclaimed unless #optimize is added in the command.
    • Improved API functionality and changed API version from v5 to v6.
    • Improved performance of explosion data logging, explosions now process data over three times as fast.
    • Improved logging of falling blocks, such as sand or anvil blocks that are placed above the ground.
    • Improved logging of data for all block types, including blocks from older Minecraft versions.
    • Improved logging of usernames (user tracking) for flowing water and lava.
    • Changed minimum required Java version from Java 7 to Java 8
    • Changed plugin metrics system from to
    • Fixed plugin failing to load on Java 9.0.0 and Java 10.0.0.
    • Fixed issues with rollbacks when the same rollback is performed more than once.
    • Fixed potions with colour data, such as potions created via mcMMO, not being logged properly.
    • Fixed breaking half of a double chest logging the contents of the entire chest as being removed.
    • Fixed exploding beds in the nether logging explosions as being caused by the user "#air".
    • Fixed various issues with armour stand logging, lookups, and rollbacks.
    • Fixed safety teleport feature not safely moving you above fire/lava during a rollback.
    • Fixed command handling issues that could occur when WorldEdit wasn't also installed on the server.
    • Fixed "/co l a:username u:<user>" not displaying a proper error message if the user parameter is missing.
    • Fixed specifying b:container during a rollback not rolling back the containers contents.
    • Fixed rollbacks/restores not continuing when processing data from worlds no longer on the server.
    • Fixed lighting a nether portal not properly logging the portal creation data.
    • Fixed API lookups with a null action list returning results other than block data.
    • Fixed some MySQL database columns not being large enough to accommodate strings containing UTF-8 data.
    • Fixed various 1.13 bugs, such as blocks not rolling back properly and graphical glitches with the inspector.
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