CoreProtect 2.16.3

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. CoreProtect v2.15.1 [Spigot 1.13]

    • Added the name of block being inspected when no inspector data found.
    • Fixed the inspector returning "no block data found" for upside-down stairs.
    • Fixed client-side block glitches when inspecting doors and double plants.
    • Fixed NumberFormatException error when using OpenJDK early-access builds.
    • Fixed NullPointerException error on certain inventory interact events.
    • Fixed NullPointerException error when adding/removing certain maps from chests.
    • Fixed ClassCastException error when attempting to log a skulls rotation data.
    • Fixed missing database errors when using "/co reload" to change database type.
    • Fixed broken update checker. No longer uses for update checking.
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