CoreProtect 19.0

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. CoreProtect v2.18.1 [Spigot 1.15]

    • Fixed double blocks, such as tall grass and rose bushes, not being rolled back.
    • Fixed breaking a door incorrectly logging the block below it as also being removed.
    • Fixed not being able to disable WorldEdit logging via the "/co reload" command.
    • Fixed ClassCastException when performing 2.18.0 upgrade on some legacy databases.
    • Fixed MySQLSyntaxErrorException when performing 2.18.0 upgrade on some MySQL databases.
    • Fixed 2.18.0 upgrade on SQLite databases not always saving version data in database.
    • Fixed 2.18.0 upgrade not being fully completed for users who received upgrade errors.
    • Improved the speed of MySQL database writes by approximately 25%.
    • Improved consumer data handlers to use less memory when queueing data.
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