CoreProtect 19.5

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. CoreProtect v19.0 [Spigot 1.16]

    Download: CoreProtect v19.0

    • Added Patreon for supporting development:
    • Added full support for all Minecraft 1.16 block and entity types. [More Info]
    • Added logging for players picking up and dropping items (a:item).
    • Added logging for adding/removing items from containers via hoppers.
    • Added logging and rollback support for adding/removing books on lecterns.
    • Added logging for falling gravity blocks during explosions (e.g. falling sand blocks).
    • Added logging and rollback support for tropical fish patterns/colours.
    • Added logging and rollback support for Wandering Trader metadata.
    • Added logging of player locations for chat and command events.
    • Added "/co teleport <coordinates>" command (permission: coreprotect.teleport)
    • Added clickable coordinates to lookup results (enabled with teleport permission).
    • Added clickable navigation buttons to the pagination in lookup results.
    • Added ability to perform lookups on sign messages (a:sign & right-clicks).
    • Added ability to perform radius lookups on chat messages and commands.
    • Added ability to rollback items from containers in a radius without a specified user.
    • Added ability to specify a world when performing a purge (r:#world).
    • Added hidden "rows:<count>" parameter for specifying the number of rows in a lookup.
    • Added quotation support for values in the CoreProtect configuration file.
    • Changed colours in lookups to be more closely aligned with project colour scheme.
    • Changed basic lookups (e.g. /co near) to include item transaction data in results.
    • Changed minimum required version to Spigot 1.16. (Craftbukkit is no longer supported)
    • Changed release codebase to utilize the newer "refactor" repo with numerous internal code changes.
    • Changed project versioning to no longer use “v2” in version numbers.
    • Changed update notice to no longer include a sponsor message.
    • Improved formatting of timestamps in lookups, with extended information upon hover.
    • Improved performance of MySQL database operations by utilizing batching.
    • Improved performance of WorldEdit logging operations.
    • Improved performance of item transaction processing and logging.
    • Removed experimental "mysql-server-statements" configuration option.
    • Fixed double chests not always rolling back or restoring properly.
    • Fixed double blocks, such as tall grass and rose bushes, not always returning data when inspected.
    • Fixed damage from spectral arrows and tridents not logging the username of the shooter.
    • Fixed redstone torches on the side of a block not being logged when the block is broken.
    • Fixed buttons on the top/bottom of a block not being logged when the block is broken.
    • Fixed breaking an armor stand not always logging the armor stand contents.
    • Fixed lighting a campfire with flint and steel also logging fire placement.
    • Fixed interactions on chipped and damaged anvils not being logged.
    • Fixed players not being moved to safety during rollbacks/restores.
    • Fixed unnecessarily loading block data on player logins/logouts.
    • Fixed being unable to perform actions on usernames contain prefixes.
    • Fixed lookups not always displaying result data in the correct order.
    • Fixed WorldEdit 7.2+ not being detected as a valid WorldEdit version.
    • Fixed StackableItems breaking item transaction logging for certain containers.
    • Fixed SQLite purges not actually removing any data on some systems.
    • Fixed messages in console having an extra line break when using Spigot.
    • Fixed "database busy" errors unnecessarily displaying when running commands.
    • Fixed username based lookups not always returning data for the correct username.
    • Fixed unnecessary data being logged when an item doesn't contain metadata.
    • Fixed consumer data being discarded if the database server is unreachable.
    • Fixed MySQL connection errors on startup not displaying the full stack trace.
    • Fixed "/co lookup a:<action>" not displaying an informative error message.
    • Fixed "/co rollback a:+session" incorrectly performing a block rollback.
    • Fixed "/co rollback a:container" not listing the action type in the results.
    • Fixed TileEntity error when restoring a block directly over an existing container block.
    • Fixed "no query solution" error when looking up a block type while excluding a user.
    • Fixed NumberFormatException when entering certain invalid page numbers.
    • Fixed MysqlDataTruncation error when logging large amounts of metadata.
    • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when logging container transactions.
    • Fixed various minor bugs, along with numerous other small changes and improvements.
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