CoreProtect 19.4

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. CoreProtect v19.2 [Spigot 1.14, Spigot 1.15, Spigot 1.16]

    Download: CoreProtect v19.2

    • Fixed component errors by temporarily disabling hover events (re-enable with "hover-events: true").
    • Fixed teleportation command not always teleporting users to the correct location.
    • Fixed certain crafting table interactions being incorrectly logged as inventory transactions.
    • Fixed physics updates not being triggered when performing a rollback on wall blocks.
    • Fixed WorldEdit data being logged when when a block wasn't actually changed.
    • Fixed explosions not being logged when natural breakage logging is disabled.
    • Fixed clickable coordinates not working on world names that contain spaces.
    • Fixed outdated colour formatting when attempting to teleport to an invalid world.
    • Fixed "user not found" error when incorrectly performing a lookup on a page.
    • Fixed legacy colour codes not being properly parsed when processing components.
    • Fixed ConcurrentModificationException when processing hopper transactions.
    • Fixed ClassCastException when processing hopper transactions.
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