CoreProtect 20.1

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. CoreProtect v20.0 [Spigot 1.14 - 1.17]

    Download: CoreProtect v20.0

    • Added multi-language support with online translation (enable in config.yml).
    • Added a language.yml file with support for custom phrases.
    • Added back hover events (disable with "hover-events: false").
    • Added adjacent block scanning support for new 1.17 blocks.
    • Added logging for blocks placed/changed via bonemeal.
    • Added logging for ender chest transactions (a:inventory).
    • Added logging for items dropped when a player dies.
    • Added logging for adjacent removals when a block is destroyed by fire or pistons.
    • Added logging for growth and breakage of dripleaf plants.
    • Added logging for amethyst bud/cluster growth.
    • Added logging for powdered snow placed by dispensers.
    • Added support for glowing signs and item frames.
    • Added support for all entity types to mob spawner logging.
    • Added backwards compatibility with old grass path data.
    • Added all items to tab autocomplete for include/exclude parameters.
    • Added action display in lookup results when an action parameter isn't specified.
    • Added "users", "item", and "items" as new aliases for lookup/rollback parameters.
    • Added hidden "hopper-filter-meta" option to only log hopper transactions containing metadata.
    • Added millisecond data when displaying the amount of time taken for a rollback.
    • Added safety check requiring inventory transaction threads to initiate processing in the correct order.
    • Added safety check requiring a valid branch when attempting to run development code.
    • Added back support for Craftbukkit versions 1.14 - 1.17.
    • Added internal support for extended height limits.
    • Added plural word support to all commands.
    • Added local caching for validated donation keys & translated phrases.
    • Changed the name of the "block:" parameter to "include:".
    • Changed the include/exclude parameters to no longer default to a block lookup.
    • Changed permission system to no longer force permissions if player is an operator.
    • Changed "rows" parameter maximum value to 1,000 when using the console.
    • Changed maximum chat/command message length for MySQL to 16k characters.
    • Changed connection handler to no longer specify a specific JDBC driver.
    • Changed timestamp method in API to return time in milliseconds.
    • Changed console messages to always display plugin name.
    • Improved user interface for rollbacks/restores.
    • Improved API functionality and changed API version from v6 to v7.
    • Fixed glass panes and fences not being connected when an adjacent block is rolled back.
    • Fixed blocks with gravity not being properly logged when pushed by a piston.
    • Fixed rolling back piston activity resulting in the pistons being broken.
    • Fixed axolotls and goats not rolling back as the correct variant.
    • Fixed ender chest player interactions not being logged.
    • Fixed eating or extinguishing a candle cake not being logged.
    • Fixed placing a candle on a cake not being logged.
    • Fixed liquid/snow blocks removed by buckets not being logged.
    • Fixed dispensers lighting adjacent blocks not being logged.
    • Fixed sand falling into light blocks not being properly logged.
    • Fixed certain adjacent blocks types being incorrectly logged as broken.
    • Fixed update checker attempting to process unexpected error messages.
    • Fixed legacy materials still being used when breaking certain blocks.
    • Fixed outdated Minecraft Wiki links in help commands.
    • Fixed "/co help reload" not returning any help information.
    • Fixed cached data not being cleared out after performing a rollback/restore.
    • Fixed single quotes not being properly parsed in configuration files.
    • Fixed lookup/rollback parameters allowing users to mix block/entity types, and risking unsafe ID collisions.
    • Fixed "incorrect string value" MySQL error for chat messages containing special characters.
    • Fixed NullPointerException when rolling back or restoring bundles.
    • Fixed NullPointerException when rolling back a block with an invalid ID.
    • Fixed NumberFormatException during startup if the server version is invalid.
    • Fixed ClassCastException when rolling back shulker boxes containing armor stands.
    • Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException while logging hopper transactions.
    • Fixed NumberFormatException when entering an invalid decimal value.
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