CoreProtect 21.2

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. CoreProtect v21.0 [Spigot 1.14 - 1.18]

    Download: CoreProtect v21.0

    • Added inventory rollback support for online players.
    • Added support for time ranges in the time parameter.
    • Added logging for players crafting and breaking items.
    • Added logging for players throwing/shooting items.
    • Added logging for players picking up arrows and tridents.
    • Added logging for items traded with villagers (MC 1.18+).
    • Added interaction logging for item frames & crafting tables.
    • Added container transaction support for item frames.
    • Added clickable page numbers to lookup pagination.
    • Added tooltips for clickable commands in lookup results.
    • Added entity counts to #preview confirmation page.
    • Added "logins", "logouts", "blocks", and "signs" as new action aliases.
    • Added a:+container and a:-container to tab-completion.
    • Added "/co page" alias command for page lookups.
    • Added "/co consumer <pause|resume>" console command.
    • Added hidden "log-cancelled-chat" chat option (default: true).
    • Added hidden "enable-awe" logging option (default: false).
    • Added hidden "exclude-tnt" rollback option (default: false).
    • Added sessionLookup and queueLookup methods to API.
    • Changed a:inventory to display player inventory transactions.
    • Changed a:item to no longer include container transactions.
    • Changed entities killed via "/kill" command to log under #command.
    • Changed doors and beds to no longer log data as two separate blocks.
    • Changed minimum required Java version to Java 11.
    • Improved performance of rollbacks and lookups.
    • Improved lookup interface and added action colours.
    • Improved logging to skip unnecessary data from newly generated chunks.
    • Improved WorldEdit logging and added compatibility with FAWE.
    • Improved database index handling when targeting a specific location.
    • Improved permission handling for "inventory" and "item" actions.
    • Fixed player disconnections not being logged on server shutdown.
    • Fixed item frames and paintings not logging directional data.
    • Fixed "coreprotect.inspect" permission not being checked at the time of inspection.
    • Fixed "/co undo" not functioning when targeting a container.
    • Fixed coordinates in lookups not always being properly aligned.
    • Fixed phantom fire blocks being logged adjacent to lava.
    • Fixed blocks placing when using shift+click to inspect trapdoors.
    • Fixed all firework metadata not being correctly logged.
    • Fixed missing safety checks when inspecting hanging blocks.
    • Fixed rare instances of lookups displaying negative time values.
    • Fixed rare instances of SQLite database driver not being found.
    • Fixed ClassCastException when targeting an armor stand with #container.
    • Fixed IllegalArgumentException when performing a rollback preview containing an end crystal.
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