CoreProtect 19.4

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. CoreProtect v19.4 [Spigot 1.14, Spigot 1.15, Spigot 1.16]

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    Download: CoreProtect v19.4

    • Changed connection timeout length for SQLite to reduce "database busy" errors.
    • Improved console and configuration...
  2. CoreProtect v19.3 [Spigot 1.14, Spigot 1.15, Spigot 1.16]

    Download: CoreProtect v19.3

    • Added dynamic consumer pausing to reduce "database busy" errors.
    • Fixed communication packet errors when using the latest release of MariaDB.
    • Fixed NoClassDefFoundError when performing rollbacks with Spigot 1.14/1.15.
    • Fixed NullPointerException when rollbacks contain data for missing worlds.
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  3. CoreProtect v19.2 [Spigot 1.14, Spigot 1.15, Spigot 1.16]

    Download: CoreProtect v19.2

    • Fixed component errors by temporarily disabling hover events (re-enable with "hover-events: true").
    • Fixed teleportation command not always teleporting users to the correct location.
    • Fixed certain crafting table interactions being incorrectly logged as inventory transactions.
    • Fixed physics updates not being triggered when performing a...
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  4. CoreProtect v19.1 [Spigot 1.14, Spigot 1.15, Spigot 1.16]

    Download: CoreProtect v19.1

    • Added backwards compatibility with Spigot 1.14 and Spigot 1.15.
    • Changed "rows:<count>" parameter to have a maximum value of 100.
    • Improved missing donation key console message.
    • Improved error message when attempting to use Craftbukkit.
    • Improved performance when performing internal material comparisons.
    • Improved performance of...
  5. CoreProtect v19.0 [Spigot 1.16]

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  6. CoreProtect v2.18.2 [Spigot 1.15]

    Download: CoreProtect v2.18.2

    • Added intelligent logging deduplication for plant growth, liquid spread, and pistons.
    • Added ability to perform radius rollbacks via console (must specify coordinates & world).
    • Added hidden "mysql-server-statements" option for disabling server prepared statements.
    • Fixed rolling back stairs and trapdoors incorrectly placing...
  7. CoreProtect v2.18.1 [Spigot 1.15]

    Download: CoreProtect v2.18.1

    • Fixed double blocks, such as tall grass and rose bushes, not being rolled back.
    • Fixed breaking a door incorrectly logging the block below it as also being removed.
    • Fixed not being able to disable WorldEdit logging via the "/co reload" command.
    • Fixed ClassCastException when performing 2.18.0 upgrade on some legacy databases....
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  8. CoreProtect v2.18.0 [Spigot 1.15]

    Download: CoreProtect v2.18.0

    • Added logging for bee entity metadata (such as if a bee is carrying pollen).
    • Added logging for pre-existing sign text data when placing signs.
    • Added logging for campfires lit via fire charges launched from dispensers.
    • Added logging for commands stored in repeating and chain command blocks.
    • Added legacy material and data value...
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  9. CoreProtect v2.17.5 [Spigot 1.14]

    Download: CoreProtect v2.17.5

    • Fixed CoreProtect not recognizing custom "plugin" folder locations.
    • Fixed ClassCastException when other plugins trigger a malformed SignChangeEvent.
    • Fixed NullPointerException error on certain dispenser transaction events.
    • Improved performance of transaction handling in InventoryMoveItemEvent.
  10. CoreProtect v2.17.4 [Spigot 1.14]

    Download: CoreProtect v2.17.4

    • Added logging for foxes modifying blocks, such as when eating sweet berry bushes.
    • Fixed some container blocks not facing in the correct direction when rolled back.
    • Fixed rolling back half of a double chest making the remaining half become invisible.
    • Fixed missing "v" before version number on shutdown confirmation message....
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