CoreProtect 19.0

Fast, efficient block logging, rollbacks, and restores

  1. CoreProtect v19.0 [Spigot 1.16]

    • Added Patreon for supporting development:
    • Added full support for all Minecraft 1.16 block and entity types. [More Info]
    • Added logging for players picking up and dropping items (a:item).
    • Added logging for adding/removing items from containers via hoppers.
    • Added logging and rollback support for adding/removing books on lecterns.
    • Added...
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  2. CoreProtect v2.18.2 [Spigot 1.15]

    • Added intelligent logging deduplication for plant growth, liquid spread, and pistons.
    • Added ability to perform radius rollbacks via console (must specify coordinates & world).
    • Added hidden "mysql-server-statements" option for disabling server prepared statements.
    • Fixed rolling back stairs and trapdoors incorrectly placing additional blocks.
    • Fixed "/co undo" command not using location offset, resulting in incomplete undos.
    • Fixed performing a lookup or rollback on...
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  3. CoreProtect v2.18.1 [Spigot 1.15]

    • Fixed double blocks, such as tall grass and rose bushes, not being rolled back.
    • Fixed breaking a door incorrectly logging the block below it as also being removed.
    • Fixed not being able to disable WorldEdit logging via the "/co reload" command.
    • Fixed ClassCastException when performing 2.18.0 upgrade on some legacy databases.
    • Fixed MySQLSyntaxErrorException when performing 2.18.0 upgrade on some MySQL databases.
    • Fixed 2.18.0 upgrade on SQLite databases not always...
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  4. CoreProtect v2.18.0 [Spigot 1.15]

    • Added logging for bee entity metadata (such as if a bee is carrying pollen).
    • Added logging for pre-existing sign text data when placing signs.
    • Added logging for campfires lit via fire charges launched from dispensers.
    • Added logging for commands stored in repeating and chain command blocks.
    • Added legacy material and data value conversion to ensure future compatibility.
    • Added safety check to prevent "SQLITE_BUSY" errors under normal conditions.
    • Added a minimum...
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  5. CoreProtect v2.17.5 [Spigot 1.14]

    • Fixed CoreProtect not recognizing custom "plugin" folder locations.
    • Fixed ClassCastException when other plugins trigger a malformed SignChangeEvent.
    • Fixed NullPointerException error on certain dispenser transaction events.
    • Improved performance of transaction handling in InventoryMoveItemEvent.
  6. CoreProtect v2.17.4 [Spigot 1.14]

    • Added logging for foxes modifying blocks, such as when eating sweet berry bushes.
    • Fixed some container blocks not facing in the correct direction when rolled back.
    • Fixed rolling back half of a double chest making the remaining half become invisible.
    • Fixed missing "v" before version number on shutdown confirmation message.
    • Changed chest logging/rollbacks to no longer use custom block-data generator.
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  7. CoreProtect v2.17.3 [Spigot 1.14]

    • Added shutdown confirmation message for when CoreProtect has finished disabling.
    • Fixed "hasRemoved" method in the CoreProtect API incorrectly performing "hasPlaced".
    • Fixed NullPointerException randomly occurring when placing a crossbow in a chest.
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  8. CoreProtect v2.17.2 [Spigot 1.14]

    • Fixed data logging not properly finishing during shutdown in rare edge cases.
    • Fixed database connection not properly closing during shutdowns and reloads.
    • Fixed background update checker not immediately terminating during shutdown.
    • Improved handling of internal variables, to ensure values can't inadvertently be cached.
    • Improved consumer processing, to improve accuracy of the consumer size during shutdown.
    • Changed minimum required WorldEdit version from #4180 to...
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  9. CoreProtect v2.17.1 [Spigot 1.14]

    • Added "coreprotect.lookup.near" permission, for restricting access to the "/co near" command.
    • Improved plugin shutdown to prevent unnecessary logging status messages from being displayed.
    • Fixed "coreprotect.lookup.kill" permission not being properly listed in the plugin.yml file.
    • Fixed Nether portal username logging not scanning the entire portal for the activator block.
    • Fixed NotSerializableException when placing a crossbow loaded with a firework in a chest.
  10. CoreProtect v2.17.0 [Spigot 1.14]

    • Added support for new 1.14 container types (such as blast furnaces and smokers).
    • Added support for all new entity metadata (such as cat types and panda traits).
    • Added support for logging blocks attached to the bottom of a broken block.
    • Added logging for all new sign types (such as spruce and birch signs).
    • Added logging for text color changes made on signs by using dyes.
    • Added logging for cake blocks being modified by a player eating the cake.
    • Added logging for...
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