Coronavirus 1.0.4

Minecraft but with the Coronavirus!

  1. Message Customization

    • You can now customize messages in the messages.yml
    Planned features to be added this week. I hope everyone is doing well during these times in the world. :)
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  2. Bug Fix

    • Fixed an issue on 1.8 servers with creating masks
  3. Features

    • You can now give players masks
      • Masks can be given with /cv mask <player> <amount>
      • Masks reduce infection chance to 40%
      • Masks have a durability of 3. Each time a player avoids getting infected because of their mask, the durability will decrease by 1
      • A sound will be played when a mask is broken from no more durability
    • Players will become infected from eating raw food
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  4. Changes & Features

    • Durations are now calculated on a more accurate scale. You may need to reset your current infected data for the new calculations to work properly
    • Chickens now have a 30% chance to drop a Suspicious Egg
      • Chickens will play a sound when they drop a suspicious egg
      • When suspicious eggs are right-clicked, the player will become infected