CosmoLandClaim (WorldGuard) 1.41

Charge user money from claming WorldGuard region

  1. Cosmo_Z
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.13
    Cosmo_Z, Mrphpfan, ALLISKATA
    UPDATE FOR Latest WG version Older version will NOT WORKING
    WorldGuard 6.0 Beta 5

    Support 1.8-1.13.1

    Allows administrators to charge users money for claiming a WorldGuard region and setting specific flags in their regions. This task was previously accomplished with plugins that charge for a specific command typed, like "/region claim *". The issue with this is that it charges the user even when a region is not successfully created due to errors with region overlap or names already being taken. This plugin solves that issue and adds the ability to create different types of regions and charge for setting flags in a region.

    Example Usage
    • Player: /region claim regionName
    • Player is charged $2500 if and only if region claiming succeeds (does not overlap, region name taken, etc).
    Installation & Config
    1. You need WorldGuard 6.0, WorldEdit, Vault and Economy plugins such as Essentials, iConomy first. (if you missing these plugin then plugin folder will not create)
    2. Download CosmoLandClaim.jar
    3. Place in your server's plugins folder
    4. Run your server to generate the config
    5. Reload the plugin or restart the server
    • Charge users money for typing /region claim <name>
    • Does not charge if the region claiming fails
    • Auto flag pvp deny
    • Supports claiming with UUID and player name
    No permissions are set by default. You will need to set some WorldGuard and WorldEdit permissions to start, see the next section.

    • No permissions for claim land
    • wglandclaim.bypass.claim: No charge or any limits on claiming a region.
    Necessary WorldGuard/WorldEdit Permissions
    You need to add some other permissions in order for this plugin to function to your desire.

    Required (IMPORTANT: You must add these perms to get this plugin work)

    • worldguard.region.flag.flags.pvp.*
    • worldedit.wand
    • worldedit.selection.pos
    • worldguard.region.claim
    • worldguard.region.flag.regions.own.*
    • worldguard.region.addowner.own.*

    - worldedit.wand
    - worldedit.selection.pos
    - worldguard.region.claim
    - worldguard.region.list.own
    - worldguard.region.setpriority.own.*
    - worldguard.region.remove.own.*
    - worldguard.region.setparent.own.*
    - worldguard.region.removeowner.own.*
    - worldguard.region.removemember.own.*
    - worldguard.region.addmember.own.*
    - worldguard.region.addowner.own.*
    - worldedit.selection.expand
    - worldguard.region.wand
    - worldguard.region.flag.regions.own.*
    - worldguard.region.flag.flags.pvp.*
    - worldguard.region.flag.flags.chest-access.*
    - worldguard.region.flag.flags.use.*
    - worldguard.region.flag.flags.interact.*
    - worldguard.region.flag.flags.entity-painting-destroy.*
    - worldguard.region.flag.flags.enderpearl.*
    - worldguard.region.flag.flags.entity-item-frame-destroy.*
    - worldguard.region.flag.flags.teleport.*
    - worldguard.region.teleport.*
    - worldguard.region.flag.flags.potion-splash.*
    - worldguard.region.flag.flags.block-break.*
    - worldguard.region.flag.flags.block-place.*


    • worldedit.selection.expand : This is used for auto-expanding users region, see the config.
    • worldguard.region.flag.flags.<flagname>.* : Allows a user to flag a specific flag on or off on their region. Replace <flag> with desired flag.
    How to use

    Select 2 points with the wooden axe using left and right click.



    Credit to ALLISKATA for help with ideas and brainstorming.
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Recent Updates

  1. Add 1.13 support

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  1. _8D_
    Version: 1.3.1
    Not working for 1.12.2
    I am not sure if I setup the plugin correctly.
    I love the plugin. please give more updates.
  2. beauteous-craft
    Version: 1.3.1
    Great Plugin many servers do need this I would rate 5 but config isn't as good as it could be But other than that flawless Shoutout to ALLISKATA who works on an old server i played on